Oh, red. It’s such a fabulously hard color to work with. The perfect red lip? Evasive. The perfect red dress? A challenge. But the perfect red paint? That may trump all. But, when it’s done right and all lacquered up… my, how good it is!

red bookshelves via ivy&piper

maria llado dining room red table

kate spade's home red lacquer

Unfortunately I don’t have the guts to put this practice into action in my own space. The closest I might get would be the dining table, and I believe when I finally get it lacquered I’d be doing a yummy shade of teal. But, there are always other options…

red home accents coco+kelley

Artwork? Pretty trims? Maybe even a small accent piece? All totally doable. I know just said I’d be doing my living room in greens for spring, but all this white with a hit of vermillion could be dramatic, divine, and energizing!

*images: ivy & piper // maria llado // matchbook mag // lonny mag // nuevo estilo // lori graham // nottoscale


7 responses on “WELL RED

  1. Erica Cook

    I love red, and the examples you’ve included make my heart skip a beat….I do have a giant red apple in my kitchen. But, aside from that I can never seem to commit to anything bigger than a throw cushion, books, etc. This post makes me want glossy red shelves or a secretary/console. Excuse me now while I go see what I can paint .

  2. nikki w

    Very tough color to work in, and I’ve had to do several rooms with a splash of red. Great photos here. Especially love that red dining table and the red trimmed pocket doors – genius.

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