Now that we’re back in work mode this week at coco+kelley, it’s reminding me how crazy my life gets without an assistant by my side. A problem to which there is currently only one solution: one super awesome, creative, motivated, intern! Yep, we’re on the hunt…

workin from home

Think you might be a good fit? Here’s what we’re looking for…

  • Someone with creativity and a strong knowledge of design trends and blogging.
  • Must be in the Seattle area with access to a car.
  • Photoshop skills are preferable, but not necessary.
  • Experience in fashion, interior design, styling, or events is a bonus! Passion for these subjects a must.
  • Photography skills extra bonus!
  • Time commitment – part time. Hours are flexible.

Your responsibilities will include…

  • Assisting with the production of photo shoots for the blog from start to finish. 
  • Researching and resourcing items for blog posts and photo shoots.
  • Managing advertising and sponsorship inquiries.
  • Assisting in invoicing and bookkeeping.
  • Holding down the fort when I’m traveling.
  • Contributing new and creative ideas to expand the brand.
  • And yes, the occasional coffee run…


If you’re interested or have further questions, please email me at info (at) cocokelley (dot) com! We’ll be accepting resumés and inquiries for the next week or so, and would like to hire someone by the end of the month! At this time, the first three months of the internship are unpaid. After that, we will have a review to discuss an hourly rate or stipend.

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12 responses on “WANTED :: ONE AWESOME INTERN

  1. caterina

    So gutted that I don’t live in Seattle… if you ever would like a contributor from time to time, I would love to take on the challenge!


  2. Sylvie

    Wow, unpaid. Is this the norm these days? Guess I did my university practicums unpaid so not that strange if you’re hiring a student. Just caught my eye and made me think so thought I’d put up the comment. Love your site…i’ll come intern for you in about 15 years when I retire from healthcare;)

    1. Cassandra LaValle Post author

      i don’t know if i’d say it’s the ‘norm’ but it’s certainly not unusual. and being a sole proprietor I certainly don’t have the big bucks to be paying interns, when i can’t even afford an employee!

    1. Cassandra LaValle Post author

      It is in fact completely legal and normal for students to take internships for school credit without being paid. They are compensated for expenses and gain valuable knowledge of what it takes to run a small business, put together a photo shoot, understand blogging and social media from a new perspective, and hone their style. I have had plenty of interns in the past who were happy to give their time for the chance to gain hands-on experience, and I did the same as a student. Perhaps you should do research before coming on my blog and criticizing my actions.


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