Perhaps I should clarify. We’re not giving the office away (although we are still on the hunt for one more office mate!), but we do have a very fun gift for one lucky reader today. The gift of color and organization as only Poppin can offer!

coco+kelley for poppin1

What’s Poppin? If you don’t already know, it’s a fantastic little company full of color assorted desk and organization tools that I’m totally obsessed with. As you can see, I’ve made a little more progress on the office since I last gave you a peek and added in those bright file cabinets which I found at a local consignment store (score!!). 

coco+kelley for poppin2

Since then I’ve been getting pretty bold with adding more color to the space, and decided to go aqua and white with some Poppin’ accessories to get myself organized for the new year!

coco+kelley for poppin3 coco+kelley for poppin4

Lots of little trays help coral all my stuff, and even their pens come color-coordinated!! I’m particularly infatuated with my stapler and tape dispenser.

coco+kelley for poppin5

Now comes the fun part. It’s time for you to get your colorful organization on with a $200 gift card to spend any way you like at Poppin!



Here’s all you need to do to enter. Hop over to the Poppin website, and check out their selection of desktop, organization, even tech accessories, and head back over here to leave a comment telling us how you’d spend your winnings, or what color scheme we might be seeing in your office!

One lucky winner will be drawn (and notified) next week!  Good luck!!


  1. Amy

    Ahhhh I love everything. I think I would treat myself to all new turquoise desk accessories and order up some new red accessories for the craft table in the kids room! What an awesome giveaway–thank you!!!!

  2. Karrie Harper

    My office is sooo boring and full of old ugly brown furniture. I would LOVE to win this and spruce everything up with new desk supplies, organizational products and paper products. I would mix up the colors as I love them all but maybe go with aqua for the majority. Fingers crossed!

  3. Rebecca Smith

    I love everything! I am currently obsessed with all things red and aqua, so I would love to do my office color scheme with some of the beautiful Poppin products 🙂

  4. Shelly@ConfettiStyle

    So mant fabulous items to choose from. I’d spend my winnings on paper products and desk accessories. I’m in the process of re-doing my office in my signature colors of hot pink and red.


  5. Brandi

    Oh how I wish they had a spicy metallic gold(it is high on my radar as of late), but I would choose aqua, just as you did. My office space could use some colorful useful objects!

  6. Michelle Cope

    I am loving all of these colors!! My desk is in need of a makeover… I would definitely get some trays and accessories like a stapler and tape dispenser, and maybe some notebooks– but I really have my eye on one of those colorful cabinets! love love love

  7. Laure

    Oooh, I need a desk chair some kind of terribly for my new office. It’s taking way to long to shape up, but I LOVE the orange Cobi task chair-would be perfect! I also think the flatiron desks are genius with the pop of color on the legs…sassy! What a great source!

  8. Lisa

    There is so much I’d want to spend the giveaway money on!
    Inboxes, maybe in yellow or aqua
    The white amplifier
    The Keep it clean bundle in white
    White staple remover
    And so much more!

    This is a great giveaway for those of us with home offices 🙂

  9. Lisa

    Basically, this is a very cool giveaway. I already tried to leave a comment and I included a whole list of stuff from the website that would be so fun to get with the gift card.. However it didn’t save!!! Bah!
    So let’s sum it up to I’d like a lot of stuff in white (I know! Boring!) including different desk top bundles and organizers as well as the inboxes. Home office here!

    Thanks for the cool giveaway!

  10. Ginna

    I’ve been looking for a new filing cabinet and would love the West 18th! Think it’d fit perfectly under my Ikea Melltorp desk. The rest would have to go towards some great desktop accessories– maybe the Keep It Clean Bundle…

  11. Margarita

    I would choose either the red scheme to give my office a pop of color or do a combination of grey/yellow. So hard to pick just one! I would definitely get sorters and trays and accesorize with tacks and ddesktop accessories! Love, love love this line. Thanks for the introduction.

  12. Meg Shaw

    I can’t tell you how obsessed I am with poppin! So simple, but so perfect. Their packaging is even cool- receiving a box from poppin makes me so happy! I’d LOVE to win this giveaway to purchase the West 18th File Cabinet in white to complete my new office! I just launched my own company and am trying to make my space a place I love to go everyday. xo meg

  13. Kristin

    These are amazing! I’m moving to a new office soon that has a lot of orange accents and I’d love to play it up with the orange inboxes, the orange and white collapsible storage box, and for a little contrast, the aqua tape dispenser!

  14. Janae Branning

    I want to do a hot pink and lime green scheme with a bit of white, what an energy it would add to my desk. A pink stapler would be amazing, and so much cooler than a “red stapler”.
    The other designers in my office will be so jealous! I can’t wait to be Poppin.

    Thanks for sharing.

  15. Nicole Rienstra

    Love this website! I just painted one wall in my office turquoise, so I would LOVE to deck the rest of my office out in these great and colorful products. I’d probably snag a few inboxes for all my random papers, a few colorful notebooks, the small white linen board, and some gel pens!

  16. annette

    thank you for this post! i just moved my office to my home and have been on the hunt for stylish, simple and clean-lined desk accessories. poppin is great. wow! i’m a writer/filmmaker and i use an antique shaker-style desk with only 1 drawer, and though i love it, it needs storage help! the color scheme i’d use is white. with pops of orange. i’d love poppin’s white pen holder, white trays, orange file cabinet, and white binders! i’d also get a bunch of poppin’s collapsible boxes. perfect for my new smaller but very cozy office space! great giveaway. xo, annette

  17. Christina

    Need need needing the get-it-together inboxes and the put-it-away bits n’ bobs tray in lime green. One of my 2013 resolutions is to get organized and I just got an awesome lucite organization set for all my makeup. I’m loving the bright happy colors here a Poppin. So fun and great to warm up your office on these cold dreary days!

  18. Mariel

    I love all the organizational trays, cups, and boxes- that would be so helpful for my tiny little workspace! I’d probably do my office almost entirely in shades of blue and pink- my favorite colors!

  19. Allison johnston

    I love Poppin! Our home office is in need of a major overhaul, and this would be the perfect solution! With a baby girl due in just two weeks, this would complete my final bits of nesting and extreme reorganization! To compliment the current colors of the room, I woul choose white desktop accessory bundles, mixed with white accessory trays and a few orange accents. The west 18th file cabinet is a must for the perfect file storage solution! Might even toss in the lime green ruler for good measure :). Thanks for the opportunity!

  20. Meagan

    When a company can make me drool over A RULER, you know they’re doing something right! A file cabinet, stapler and of course, a ruler in ANY of those amazing colors would suit my office just nicely. I may even add in a matching travel mug.. Because… How cute are those travel mugs?! Fab giveaway, crossing rulers and fingers!

  21. Samantha bolan

    Love these products. I’m excited about going orange and white for my desk. Trays, pen cups, note pads and off course a board with those great push pins. I expect I’ll be making an order soon. Winner or not!

  22. Maria

    I love their products! I just bought a white parsons desk for my daughter and would love to accessorize it with her favorite color – lime green! I especially love the lime green file cabinet. Thanks!

  23. Kathy

    Ah, I love everything! I’d probably buy some cute organizational knick-knacks for my desktop. Everything is so colorful!

  24. Jen Walter

    It’s so hard to pick but I need a filing cabinet so badly. I’d go hot pink. Plus, some pens or maybe a stapler! I feel like I want everything in every color!

  25. Maggie Leak

    I’m obsessed with the Bits + Bobs Trays. They would help keep my white secretary desk stylish and tidy. Also in love with the push pins.

  26. Cydney

    I absolutely love EVERYTHING! I don’t know which colors to choose! I think I just found the perfect personalized gift!!

  27. Nicole P.

    Oh my gosh, Poppin is such an amazing site – thanks for introducing it to us! I am especially loving their bright pink items, so if I won the gift card I would send it on anything and everything Poppin’ has to offer in pink! Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

  28. Alice

    Beautiful! I would probably buy orange and white desk accessories to go on our light grey desktop. Love all these products!

  29. Lanay

    My first goal for the new year has been to work on organizing my office, so this post is perfect timing! I would choose a combination of their white and aqua desktop accessories.

  30. Krysta

    I have a serious soft spot for all things stationary so I would certainly be picking up a few goods notebooks. I also think I need a hot pink stapler!

  31. Lindsey

    I am loving the pool blue and white together! My office could definitely use something to brighten it up this winter!

  32. kim

    oh my!! the possibilities are endless but….i love all the colors but would choose the white pixar lamp if i were to win…my teenage son needs some task lighting for his desk.

  33. Jasmine Brink-LI

    Wow! This would be great. I think I would do something neutral, like the white filing cabinet. I’ve been looking for one for ages!

    This is a great site, thanks!

  34. Jill

    I love the West 18th File Cabinet. I’d probably go with all white, unless they wanted to start making it in aqua… *hint hint

    The 3″ Bound for Greatness binder looks wonderful for organizing household items.

  35. Mary Beth

    Thanks for the intro to Poppin. Never heard of them before but I already love them! I think I’d redo my desk organization with some of their products like new “In and Out” boxes and some other declutter accessories. I think I would go with the yellow and pool blue.

  36. Vintage Marketplace

    Omg everything is so cool. Very hard to decide. I would choose yellow. I love how they have it displayed on the white desk it really pops and looks fresh for spring and happy. But oooo i love ottomans and the paper desks if i had the gift card it would so go to getting a table 🙂
    Your space is really poppin.

  37. Kim A

    I would definitely have to go with the pink and white accessories.

    I can always use a touch of girlyness and brightness during my long days and weeks at the office. These items woud be perfect to spice up my boring brown office desk!

    Thank you!!

  38. Amber

    I would go with aqua too. It looks so fresh and clean, but still somewhat neutral for bringing in other bright colors. It would definitely motivate me to keep my office space super organized!

  39. Sarah

    Oh man oh man, I love so many things its hard to choose! I think I’m partial to the aqua and white color schemes, but also the neon green! That tape dispenser is just calling my name, so slick and modern!

  40. BrookeJ

    Love this site! So glad you’ve introduced it!. I’ll have to throw in a bit of my own money, but I’m really into the purple campfire ottoman–I’ve been needing one for the seating area in my office, then I’ll probably need a tray to sit on it….decisions, decisions.

  41. emily anne-marie

    this is great, i’m trying to redo my desk area as we speak. i’d love to get some organizing accessories and a lamp!


  42. Kristen

    I was just introduced to Poppin a few weeks ago, and I LOVE their stuff!! I would love to do a lime/white combo in my home office to give me inspiration to stay organized on my blog 🙂 I was also just checking out their furniture items — pricey, but those colorful filing cabinets are pretty amazing!

  43. Mari

    My eyes are Poppin and my heart skipped a few beats at your giveaway; Superbowl be banished, I’m organizing my office with these photos!
    I think my creativity would most flow with the vibrant orange/pink pieces.
    Thank you so much!

  44. Amber

    I think I would go with aqua too. It looks so fresh and clean, but still somewhat neutral for bringing in other bright colors. It would definitely motivate me to keep my office space super organized!

  45. vintage market place

    Omg everything is so cool, your space IS really poppin’
    Very hard to decide, so many great things. But I would go with the yellow color plan.
    I just adore how it pops on the white desk, so fresh and spring like.
    But oooo, I love the ottomans and the paper desks. If I had the gift card I would put it towards a desk.

  46. Candace

    Traditionally a lover of all things blue, I’ve really been digging yellow as a pop color lately! Recently changed jobs and my office in serious need of a makeover. Fingers crossed!

  47. summer

    WOWZA! I’m such a sucker for office supplies and paper products. I’d go nuts on a ton of small things, new notebooks, pen, and a complete makeover for my desktop. Bye Bye black stapler (even though I’ve never found one that I love as much as my trusty swingline).

  48. Emily Bottie

    What a cool site! I would probably go with the West 18th File Cabinet in White + Pink, then spend the rest on little supplies.

  49. Susan

    Loving blue right now because it’s my 2-year old son’s FAV color. So, I’d style my boring desk with everything blue, and then leave some $ leftover to gift my coworkers with a personalized journal.

  50. Sara

    I’m in desperate need of a new office chair, so I’d use my prize winnings towards one of the gorgeous 5th avenue chairs, probably in gray.

  51. Katie Porter

    I first learned of Poppin in a recent issue of Better Homes and Gardens. I LOVE their office furniture and supplies. With $200, I would get the file cabinet in pink and white. I would also get In boxes, accessory tray and tape dispenser in yellow, I think. Love how your office is shaping up!

  52. Jenny

    Orange and pool blue – definitely would need a tape dispenser, bits and bobs tray and a white inbox. I’ve been putting off on painting my new office, but some accessories would help get my painting mojo back!

  53. Stephanie

    The all of the colors, a real pick me up at work, would love the tape, stapler and the orange mouse pad, it may be fun to mix colors together for a lively look!

  54. Hannah Hodges

    This post couldn’t have come at a better time! I start a new job next week. I’m making the transition from attorney to marketing associate and I need my desk to look snazzy! Poppin is perfect for this. I’m already envisioning gray and pink accessories everywhere!!! Pick me and help me get my new office up to par!

  55. Jessica R.

    Ooh what a fun giveaway! I would love to buy some of the signature ball points or anything in the aqua color! My fav!

  56. christina

    oh, what a fabulous website…i just love a pop of color!!! my office is currently all white with pops of aqua to match my branding, but i would love to incorporate some lime green pieces to put a brighter spin on the pantone color of the yr. maybe a mousepad, that fun ruler, keep it clean lime green set, and most definitely need that white large cable box…because my cords are a little out of control!!!

  57. Erin

    I love the pen boxes and the trays. I think I would stack them to make my desk super organized. I would either go for neon yellow or basic white!

  58. Lis

    Just what I need the most at the moment – organizing and good minimal design. Would take most of the things from black and white color theme, and add some accent with few yellow accessories.

  59. Erin Taylor

    OMG!!! I love this site. Thank you much for introducing me to such a great site. I think I would use this for the iPhone charging mat bundle and tons of the pens in every freakin amazing color, oh and the organizing shelves I am dying my office is in desperate need of some color.

  60. Jennifer Bradley

    I just took over a small law firm from an 88-year-old, so we have rusty metal staplers and 5-pound tape dispensers… I would get all new desktop accessories for everyone in my office! Pen cups, mousepads, staple removers, the works.

  61. MeliMarie

    I just left my desk at a corporation to become a strategic consultant, which allows me to work from home half the week. With that, I’m creating an office in my apartment, and Poppin items would certainly help make it festive!! I’m leaning toward white core pieces (stacking inboxes and trays) and a mix of pink and pool blue accessories. That said I love many of the colors, so that is subject to change.

  62. Laura

    I spend the better part of the day in my office (around 12 hrs to be exact — 5 days per week) and some beautiful white accessories would bring some much needed style to my otherwise boring law office!!!!!

  63. Tanya

    Thank you for introducing me to this website! I would love a color coordinated office. I have a home office that I sometimes bring clients to, but I always like it to look neat, organized and stylish. I love the color pink (kind of obsessed with it) and would definitely add lots of basic pink supplies to my office from poppin if I win!

  64. Carol

    Love Poppin! I’ve been wanting to redo my office with a load of their stuff. It would be hard to decide but I’ve been leaning towards an orange and blue colour scheme. Keepinh my fingers crossed!

  65. courtney d

    Some of my favorites include the pink small tray, the white collapsible storage box (I could use a few of these!), cable boxes and the white wall clock!

  66. Sara

    I absolutely LOVE the aqua and pink color choices! If I won, I would buy some inboxes to keep the overflow of papers on my desk organized! Love this company- did not know they existed!!

  67. Robin

    I just moved in with my boyfriend into his house and we want to create an office/guest bedroom. The current office table is way too big for what we want to create. I would love a new little office table for my laptop and a cute punch of color file drawer. I would choose all light colors to spruce up the room as the walls are painted a dark blue. I am trying to convince a re paint but it’s going to take some more convincing. I can see all light neutral colors being added from Poppin. Great give away.

  68. Felicity

    I’m slowing working on creating a designated office like area in my house this would be quite motivating. I would love to do a combination of orange and white (would look great with my orange glass squirrels).

  69. Stephanie N.

    I have been searching for the perfect file cabinet- West 18th Filing Cabinet in white & pink is THE ONE!!! I live with my husband and our three sons so my office is the one place where my favorite color, pink, can be the star 🙂

  70. sarah

    Love the aqua trays for bits and bobs! Would love to go on a shopping spree for coordinating organization supplies and desk accessories.

  71. Becky

    I lead a team of 30+ consultants in the fashion industry would love to spend it on rewards for their home offices! Fun, fabulous and fashionable…what could be better?

  72. Karen

    I definitely need lots of trays to tackle in the mess in my drawers. I’d go with white since I inadvertently went with a B&W color scheme in my bedroom!

  73. Wesley

    Wow, I love their stuff and it’s so affordable! Thanks for posting, this is right up my alley and I’ve never heard of them before.

    I am in love with all the desk accessories, I love the big glassy jelly ruler, the half trays, the pens. I should look at the furniture with $200 to dream with, but I can’t stop looking at the desktop items! I’m thinking a his/hers where I could also get my partner the black ruler and gray desk accessories.

  74. Julie Khuu

    What a gorgeous collection of bright bold colors! I’ve already made the switch to everything emerald in the office so those pink and purple desktop accessories will be the PERFECT accent colors to complete the look! Awesome giveaway!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  75. christine lee

    Love the Poppin Co. Thank you . Have to go with pink , the combination of red and white red symbolizes achievement , energizes . white is the potential for fullness. Perfect for the office , as well as the universal symbol of LOVE !!! Thanks for the chance !

  76. Beverley

    Would love to get my hands on some of those amazing office organization accessories…the trays, pencil organizers, adorable staplers…What a great giveaway!

  77. joody

    Love the REDs! They are supposed to make you more confident so would love a splash of red on my desk. Will definitely get all the office goodies (tape / stapler / files) and some notebooks! Trying to create a home office to work on my blog at night and these would be perfect!!!

    Thanks for sharing.

  78. Vanessa K.

    I LOVE the aqua (esp the way you styled it!) but I’ve also always been drawn to navy blue + bright pink! so many wonderful ideas!

  79. Erica

    Wow! SO happy to have found Poppy. Am needing to buy things for my office and even if I don’t win, I’ll be buying away!! I will get some of those beautiful white binders, white stapler, white everything.

  80. Jaime Lopez

    I love the red. It could be a fun pop of color to my mostly-neutral desk. I am in the process of reworking my desk too so these would be the perfect addition.

    – Jaime

  81. Sarah B

    I am actually renvoating a new office space at the moment, so it is hard to choose just one thing….the whole website rocks! I do love the stapler & tape dispenser combo. I think the neon green would be the perfect pop to brighten up the workday! Fingers crossed!

  82. Melanie

    I’d love to spice up my workspace with a punch of color and all things aqua is calling my name! Thanks for a chance at such a generous giveaway!

  83. Jen

    Hi Cassandra! From the staff at the Italian American Museum of Los Angeles (IAMLA)…

    Please pick us to win the $200 gift card! Since we are a non-profit, working hard to raise funds to open the Italian American Museum in Los Angeles, our small office is filled with old, donated pieces. Nothing matches, and nothing is remotely stylish or modern (we don’t even have windows)!

    It would be SUCH an uplifiting, positive change to have some nice, attractive pieces in our office. Our staff works so hard to preserve the history of this community, and it would literally be the highlight of our month to win this! 🙂

    Grazie mille!! (A thousand thanks!)

  84. Erin

    I absolutely LOVE the orange scheme. Will go great with my slate campaign dresser I use for office storage. (if this is a duplicate comment, I apologize. My computer crashed when I tried to submit the last one).

  85. Vivi

    This stuff is great! I am torn between a red scheme and dark blue. Maybe dark blue with some aqua accents?? I am about to start an MFA program and need to redo my office in a serious way. So many decisions! Thanks Cassie and Poppin!

  86. Carrie Ann

    What about teachers?! My teacher’s desk would be “poppin” with the help of new orange accessories (pun intended).

  87. Manette Gutterman

    Lime green accessories would be great for office/sewing area. Maybe someday I can have my own room for all my stuff!

  88. Heather M.

    this couldn’t be better timing! after years and years of not having an official office space at home, we’re buying our first home and I’ve been secretly planning out my future set-up!! I’d start with everything white, incorporate the stripe session bundle and then add a pop of pink with a stapler or set of pens to finish off my new desk 🙂

  89. Marissa

    Most definitely the simple classic white! I am a sucker for clean slates + rooms. Plus, it can mix with anything. Would just love these Poppin pieces to go along with my new blog design // coming soon!


  90. Malika

    What a great company! Thanks for the introduction. I love so many of the colors, it would be a hard task to narrow down what to choose. But a choice I would love to have make 🙂

  91. Martina

    I’d probably blow the bulk of it on the amazingly colorful iphone accessories they sell — I’ve never seen such colorful and pretty jamboxes! Then I’d probably by a bouquet of colorful pens. I’m a teacher, so I grade in pen constantly, and it sure would make me happy to use such cheerful pens (even if I’m just writing big black C’s on my students’ papers).

  92. Wafaa

    I love all colors. We’re about to start a new design office & now I’m so confused what to chose. I’d probably go with the lime green. This will be the perfect start up gift 🙂 thank you very much.

  93. Bianca

    I love love all things desk/writing related and now I’ve found my most favorite combined. Objects that allow me to express my creativity while being super adorable to sit and stare at. Color and function are two beautiful things and I would be so excited to get the combo of yellow, aqua and white/blk notebook.

    I pinned the pic to my Pinterest page under “we’ll isn’t that special”.

    I would make great use of these products and I would love to do a blog post on them.

  94. Jessica

    Thank you for the introduction to this site! I would go with some of the aqua accessories and maybe a chair or a filing cabinet,

  95. Kendall

    I love all the organizers! I would definitely pick aqua for a little pop of color!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  96. Nicolle

    Looks amazing….

    Next project should be dressing up that bulletin board…it really brings down the overall look of the super glam office accessories.

    Try giving it a coat of paint, like a white, metalic or burnt orange? or put a fun frame around it.

    good luck!

  97. Maria

    Oh well, it would ruin any chance of recovering of my stationary addiction… but alas! too bad!
    I’m in desperate need of trays and folders. Desperate! And in no need whatsoever of notebooks, but I’d get some of those too… just in case…

  98. Zakiya K

    I love cute organization options that are colorful and stylish. My space gets cluttered quickly and I am always looking for ways to keep paperwork neatly separated. Since I am a big fan of color, I usually mix and match different colors to add a little bit of variety to my space. Organizational pieces in the lime green and all the varying shades of blue would add a splash of fun to my bland desk area.

  99. Claire

    So hard to pick – definitely need an in-box in some nice bright color. And the tape dispensers and staplers are too good looking! With a couple of notebooks for meetings just to be safe. Not sure if I can settle on a single color- probably will pick a couple to coordinate (but one will be blue for sure).

  100. stephanee

    Clicked submit not sure if prior comment posted. Sorry for repeat. Thank you for the generous giveaway. I would purchase the 5th Ave office chair in Grey, I use my kitchen chair now ha. Then head over to select your fav color (pink) and get the inbox trays, bit and bots, notepads, and tickled pink 🙂

  101. carissa r

    This is EXACTLY what I’ve been searching for! My office space is a dark gray with lots of black and white and pops of orange, neon pink and yellow. I am loving the orange and pink desk accessories at Poppin – these are perfect for my space!

  102. Jessie

    Oh, the colors! Be still my beating heart! I love the pink and aqua accessories, and I’d add white and gold items of my own. Thanks for this giveaway!

  103. Courtney R

    OMG! There is no end to the ways I could spend my winnings. This color palette is perfect for my stark space at our new home. Lime green, hot pink, and aqua to start. I def need some organization things and that ruler for sure!

  104. Reagan

    So much cool office stuff, but I think I’d actually go for the melamine bowls and plates! So light and sturdy, great for parties and kids. White and red are my faves.

  105. Angela K

    I would love a couple trays and desk accessories in all white plus a few colorful things to balance it out. This is so wonderful for getting organized!

  106. Aimee

    Love it! I’d definitely use this for my first office as a professional woman! Loving the aqua color scheme. Great pop of color while still soothing.

  107. Alison F.

    Ahh so many lovely colors, so many lovely choices. I am really digging the Bits and Bobs trays to help my organizing. Thanks for a great giveaway! I love any company that makes practical things look stylish 🙂

  108. Andi

    I would definitely get the West 18th File Cabinet! I’ve been a graphic designer, and my freelance business is finally taking off. This would be a great addition to my work space.

  109. Stephanie

    Great give away, there is something about pretty office supplies! I would do a mostly white color scheme with a shot or orange!

  110. Erin

    There are so many wonderful items, but I’m particularly loving the mini folios, the white desktop line, and the yellow ballpoint pens.

  111. Elizabeth

    Oh, I am obsessed with those “bits & bobs” trays! Especially love the fuchsia one. I’d be a hard decision whether to spend the money on organizers for the office or our technicolor-themed nursery…decisions decisions!

  112. Jen Walter

    I love their stuff! My stapler is from there! I would get one for my mom, since she loves mine, and I would definitely go for a hot pink filing cabinet. I need one very badly.

  113. Dina S.

    I’ve got a lot of navy in my office and the hot pink next to it would be gorgeous – bits and bobs tray all the way!

  114. Lynn

    Yes! I am such a freak about office supplies! I love sites like this and it’s so fun to play with their virtual desktop. Pink and Lime all the way for me! Nice, bright and cheery, would make me smile when I looked at my desk.

  115. Diana

    Ahhh this is exactly what I need for my office!!! It’s been two months and I haven’t made much progress, but thanks for introducing me to Poppin. I’m loving their yellow stapler, pink 5″ X 7″ picture frame, yellow inboxes, white bits + bots tray, white old-school scissors, and silver binder clips, white staple remover!!

  116. Haley

    I absolutely love all of Poppin’s office supplies, but would have to buy the West 18th Street File Cabinet in White. It is just the perfect thing to add to my home office & loving how crisp and clean it looks.

  117. Katie O'Keeffe

    I am so OBSESSED! Thank you for spreading the word on POPPIN!! I work from home and have been adding little pops of aqua here and there… the addition of color just makes me happy :). I would totally get the Blue Small Jambox so I can whistle while I work maybe dance in my seat a little bit too.

  118. Jules

    I’m just shopping around for a new desk now, and would love to add some purple, pink and orange accessories to match the rug in my office!

  119. Camille

    Hi Cassandra, I am a French teacher and blogger and this year, being organized and having a great looking office is my number one resolution. I LOVE the Main Squeeze in Pink. S’il te plait choisis moi!!!! But I will definitely blog about Poppin anyway 🙂

    Have a good one!

  120. Jennifer

    Our office/sewing room took in some unwanted houseguests over time–shoeboxes, clothes for donation, dead batteries, and broken electronics. Now that they’re gone the room wants a makeover. I’m thinking pink and orange will make us both workhappy.

  121. Sacha

    I would spend it all in one place… On one of the fabulous colorful fling cabinets! My home office is in desperate need of document organization and these cute cabinets would get me excited for the task!

  122. Kristin B

    Looooving the colour combinations of desktop supplies you’ve got goin’ on in your office space! The green + aqua + fuchsia scheme is so vibrant! I love it!

    I’m a bit of a white-obsessed freak, so naturally, I’d attack their selection of white goodies. 🙂

  123. kim

    Would make my office POP by coordinating everything! Would want to splurge on the file cabinet and get organized, but would also buy the desktop accessories. Can’t decide whether I would get pink or red or green or mix and match. Would definitely make it an impulsive decision, because those are the best. Thanks so much for this giveaway! DYING to win and get colorfully organized!!

  124. Stacy G.

    I just left my day job to begin working from home, so I will be needing a lot of new office accessories! I LOVE all of their hot pink goodies, especially the West 18th File Cabinet… That would be coming home with me!!

  125. Carolyn

    Omgee. I have this awkward office/foyer space that majorly needs a new ‘do. I would totally build off of the Flat-iron desk in white. Love!

  126. Shira

    Oh such a fun giveaway!
    I’m a social worker and work mostly with kids so I’d definitely like my office to look fun and inviting. I’d include the Thing To Do Note Pads and colorful sticky notes, some colorful notebooks and pens, and pen cup. 🙂

  127. CHOIR

    everything orange. its one thing to have a bunch of cool orange stuff, but POPPIN just so happens to have the perfect tone of orange… love it …


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