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Street Smarts :: Over-the-shoulder Blazers

Being a simple dresser at heart , I love when a look can feel complete and fashionable without much effort. Which is why I’m totally honing in on this easy way to kick my everyday style (v-neck tees and skinny jeans please) up a notch with two easy accessories: the over-the-shoulder blazer + a pair of fab oversized sunnies.


There’s something about the casual sophistication of a jacket worn over-the-shoulder. Why does it seem to create such a different look than actually putting the blazer on? Who knows! I suppose it feels a bit less corporate, more creative?


In the spring, I love wearing a button up with shorts, so these two looks are making me crave some sunny days. A bit more classic in nature, I love the tweed and the ‘tuxedo’ style going on here. They feel a bit more matchy and suit-like, which make them appropriate for meetings and running about town during the week.


But – seeing as it’s still winter and all – it’s time to bundle up a bit more and, since I’m such a fan of the easy tees, this way of adding a blazer + sunnies to my current look is much more likely at the moment. If my entire wardrobe could be grey cotton tops and black skinny jeans, it would. Which is why I think it’s time I consider some jackets with print to perk things up a bit!


Lucky for me I’ve already got a few pairs of oversized sunnies that will do the trick on these styles… which doesn’t mean I won’t go purchase a few more for fun (kinda loving these ones!). Looks like my everyday style is about to get a little more kick!

*images: vanessa jackman // whowhatwear // soraya bakhtiar // teen vogue