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Shifting Neutrals

In the winter, my wardrobe tends to follow the weather patterns. Greys and blacks dominate the daily rotation, and color is hard to come by. Now, I know from experience what happens when you try and stray too far from what your natural instincts are for dressing – you buy these pieces that are supposed to push your limits, and you never wear them. That doesn’t mean you can’t ease into other options though. So, my goal for the rest of the winter is to shift from one neutral to another…

winter neutrals + red nails and lips coco+kelley

I’ve always loved the look of layered, creamy whites in my home… so why not my wardrobe? I think we forget that white is completely winter appropriate – saving it instead for summers by the beach. I love it paired with neutral-of-the-moment, mushroom browns. And instead of deep charcoal greys…

grey sweater + red naisljpg

I want to go light and fresh. I actually do own a light grey cashmere sweater that I don’t think I’ve put on once this winter! For shame.

But the topper to this base of light winter neutrals is really the colorful pop of a coral red in the lips and nails. It keeps things lively and adds that much needed polished punch, don’t you think? My goal for this week is get this look on at least once. It shouldn’t be too  hard… and that’s kind of the point, right? Wardrobe challenges that are actually doable, but break us out of our regular habits. This one’s on!

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