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Room Of The Week :: The New Traditional Kitchen

I believe I’ve mentioned several times about how my tiny kitchen drives me crazy. It has approximately 14 inches wide of counter space and that is not an exaggeration. So, in my spare time I like to dream big. Really really big…

I blogged about this kitchen back in 2008 (does that make it a vintage post or what? jeez.) but I’ve been infatuated with it ever since. The owners took great care to maintain the integrity of the historical details while creating a modern (and quite interesting) space, and it resonates with my sensibilities on such a strong level. Which is why I’m adding these two kitchens to the same inspiration folder…

Similar style, no? I don’t know where the hell they store anything, but whatever. The balance of modern and historical is definitely in place, along with plenty of white and marble, so I’m in.

This one might actually be my favorite. It looks much more functional, while still showing off some lovely original cabinetry and holy moly that doorframe! Plus, I think having a fireplace in the kitchen is so cozy. The only change I’d make is some dramatic lighting. And maybe not blonde wood floors – they’re my least favorite, but they do lend to the lightness of the space.

Which you like to take your pick? In the meantime, I’m seriously considering rigging up a little counter space in my own kitchen using this as my inspiration. Or… maybe it’s time for a new apartment?

*images: eric roth // r. brad knipstien via desire to inspire // rundell associates