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Room Of The Week :: 1.24

Today’s room is serving dual purpose as a fantastical space, and part of a little announcement…

giraffe dining room


Although the room is certainly worthy of the title for its stunning statement-making chandelier (oh, and larger than life giraffe),  what I really wanted to share with you all is that… I’M GOING TO AFRICA!! Yep. In just two short weeks I will be on my way to Zambia where my girl Kyle and I will be exploring and experiencing some serious wildlife. Then, we’ll head to Cape Town for a few more days for some time in the city and – hopefully – a bit of wine country too!

If any of you have recommendations for shops, restaurants, and all those good things in Cape Town, we’d love to hear ’em!

Oh, and how about this room? Do you think you could dine comfortably with that fellow peeking over your shoulder? At the very least, it would make for some fabulous dinner parties!

*image :: original source unknown // location :: harem, morocco