With the kind of week I’ve been having, today’s room really needed to be something special. A bit dreamy, relaxing, and full of… stories.

michael cunningham bathroom library1michael cunningham bathroom library2

The bathroom belongs to author Michael Cunningam, which explains quite a bit, but I imagine that many of us would happily be at home here. A whole different kind of ‘library,’ there’s something about a hot bath and a real book that invites shutting off everything else going on in the world and escaping into another world. Even if only for a little bit.

*via work in progress

14 responses on “ROOM OF THE WEEK :: 1.17

    1. Cassandra LaValle Post author

      i totally thought of that too 🙂 oh, practicality, killing the dream! i suppose you’d just have to make sure there’s some decent ventilation in there and some not-too-precious books!

  1. Annette

    this would be my daughters definition of heaven as well, thanks for posting i will send it to her straight away for her new home inspiration tear sheets.

  2. callen

    Wow! Now that is a dream bathroom. I love the storage and ledge built around the bath. This looks like the perfect place to relax, read and daydream for an entire afternoon.

  3. Chloe Moon

    That bathroom is crazy! I would be a prune, literally, because I’d be reading everyday in the tub! I’d have to set a timer or something so I remembered to get out! =)

  4. katiedid

    LOVE the idea of a soak in the tub with a good book, but I agree the reality of damaging the books would put a kibosh on it for me. The look of the space is wonderful though!


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