It always seems that with the new year comest that need to cleanse the proverbial palate. Or in this case, palette. It’s funny how many of my girlfriends who are moving into new spaces have all been embracing white. Perhaps with all the chaos and clutter in our lives, and the color on our blogs, our senses are in need of blank walls and calm, bright moments. Something a bit like this…

lonny mag white bedroom

Now, I’m sure that in time color would seep into this space (I know I’d need it) but sometimes, it’s so nice to clear it all out and have that feeling of starting fresh. It feels like the possibilities are endless, which is how we should feel in the beginning of a new year, right? It makes me want to take all the pillows of the sofa, the art off the walls, the knick knacks off the shelves and start over. Ever notice how much more we see when there’s actually less to be seen? The beautiful wall mouldings and fireplace detailing suddenly become focal points instead of art, the nickel hardware on the wall sconces suddenly pop instead of disappearing into a clutter of accessories.

It’s time to re-imagine and refocus. What would you do with this space? What will you do with your space? I know I’ll be spending a little time on this myself this weekend…

*image: bedroom via lonny mag


11 responses on “ROOM OF THE WEEK :: 1.10

  1. vintage market place

    I agree a bit of color would seep in after it became to stale.
    But a fresh start is great and I was in the middle of my studio fresh start just as I got sick.
    I want to go and work on it so bad but I must get well first.
    I am starting with white as well but pops of gold and black will make an appearance soon.

  2. Megan

    As a graphic designer, I’m obsessed with white. The possibilities and the refreshing attitude that white space creates in myself makes me feel so alive. My room has been mostly white for some while now, but I’ve recently added some red to it. I’m thinking it might be time to take that red back out.

    In the space you have pictured here I would take the objects off of the mantle, they seem distracting!

  3. Chloe Moon

    I had a chance to color my walls anything but the white it was, but I wound up coloring them white again. There is something special & clean about white walls. But then I added throw pillows and colorful paintings…the color does seep in. =)

  4. Juliane at Modern Mural

    Stark yet so beautiful! It lets the gold edges on the furniture and the small crucifix sing. I’m 100% with you on starting anew, and I love how starting with a blank canvas here translates into clean white. I’m currently trying to choose a piece or two of furniture to move out of my living room. With a tiny apartment, the living room is dining room-living room-artist-studio-and-office. Functionally I need my huge desk, but we have no room. What to do?


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