The crazy thing about new year’s resolutions is that once you start coming up with them, it’s pretty hard to stop. After having so much fun with our holiday outfitting posts, I think I’m going to try and make at least one of those a month. Which means it’s time to come up with some fun ideas and challenge myself in the wardrobe department! First up? A little print on print action…

This, my friends, is not an easy look to pull off. Not only do I not really own a lot of prints, but doing them on the bottom half of my body? Forget it. However, if we’re gonna have some fun with this outfitting thing, it’s time to take some risks in the name of research. Can an average girl actually pull these types of looks off? I guess we’ll have to find out. It seems like a good place to start is to pick one print and pair it up. A little less scary (right?).

I’m starting to collect a lot more ideas on outfitting to push the comfort zone, so if you’ve got a wardrobe challenge for me, let me have it! I’d love to hear what you’d like to see…

*images 1 and 3 the sartorialst // stockholm streetstyle //


  1. Diana

    I love your idea of monthly outfits and your risk taking on fashion! That was one of my new year’s goals…take a risky edge with my looks. Can’t wait to see what’s In store!

  2. wmbg

    i live for print on print. what a statement you could make, excited to see what you come up with. your inspiration pictures are stripes on stripes, dots on dots, animal on animal. if the colors worked, i would mix those, pairing stripes with dots or animal with stripes. it’s fun, it’s colorful, it’s whimsical.

  3. Elaine

    Wow. Print on print looks amazing on these photos. Although it is true that it’s hard to create such a great set. Some people just exaggerate and make huge mess, not stylization.


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