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Ready To See

Some days the posts come easy around here, and some days they don’t. But my favorite is when one post kicks off inspiration for a whole bunch of others, which is kinda of what happened to me yesterday. As I was pulling images for the southwest-boho style interiors post, I stumbled upon this look from the See by Chloé 2013 Resort collection that fit the mood just perfectly…

1. see by chloe resort 2013

All faded denim and shades of pink with interesting cuts and angles, I have to say that I could kinda get behind this updated version of something I would have worn circa 1992. But then, when I revisited the rest of the collection, I knew I just had to do a post on the whole thing…

2. see by chloe resort 2103

While the  layered knits continued in a similar casual direction, they were also complimented by some sleek styles… which is pretty much exactly how my wardrobe goes these days. Total comfort or some high fashion… not much in between!

see by chloe resort 2103

It’s funny – I used to follow the runways shows relentlessly, but now I tend to pop in on them when I’m in the mood because I always find something that I overlooked before. Maybe I wasn’t in the mood for resort back in June (I mean, I was just getting ready for summer!) but now, I could use a nice escape from reality, and these looks are just what I’m after… which one would you be packing in your getaway suitcase!?