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Obsessed :: Mociun

The more of my friends that get married, the more I’m convinced I’ll need an ‘alternative’ engagement ring by the time it’s my turn. Partially because I can’t stand having something someone else already has, but also because I have a pretty specific aesthetic (shocking, I know). Enter the custom pieces over at Mociun …


Despite their jumbled mix of stones, there seems to be something quite classic about them at the same time. Edgy and eye-catching, but not so out of the box that you can’t picture wearing them on a daily basis, these pieces seem like modern-day heirlooms to me…



They could also be a wonderful way to take stones from family heirloom pieces and create something new and fantastically unique! But if we’re being honest here, I’d take either one of those diamond ones in a heart beat.

See more of these fabulous pieces (as well as their regular stock – just as gorgeous) right here.