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Introducing :: Tinello

Some of you may remember that my father used to own a restaurant here in Seattle that he closed nearly two years ago. In that time, our family has traveled to Italy, he’s spent hours coming up with new recipe ideas, and I’ve been finding myself collecting design inspiration all in anticipation of opening a new restaurant someday. Well, guess what friends? It’s happening, and I’m so excited! We’ve got an awesome spot in the Pioneer Square neighborhood that will be opening for lunch (and probably few nights a week for dinner) and we’ve finally decided on a name… Tinello!

tinello inspiration

The overall look should be bright and welcoming for lunch, but able to transition into dinner too. A huge part of that will be determined by materials and lighting! I also want this space to feel different from a lot of the standard raw wood slabs and heavy iron that we see all over Seattle right now…

tinello inspiration elements

Here are some of the elements I’ve started collecting for my wishlist (we’ll see what we can do on our teensy budget!). I’m really pulling for the sconces because I think a little pop of color like that will be necessary and beautiful. Bentwood cafe chairs are insanely expensive from what I’ve seen so far, so I have a feeling I’ll be on the hunt for some more affordable options. I’d also love to see some vintage/salvage pieces in there to add some warmth. If I could get 20 of these tables I would!

In the meantime, if you’d like to follow along on our progress, feel free to follow Tinello on facebook or twitter where I’ll most  likely  be the one posting updates and news on our design progress, menu, and opening! Hoping those of you in Seattle will join us when we open. Stay tuned!!

*images the standard highline  // riding house cafe via b3 designers // joan’s on third

*shop: white subway tile // industrial sconce // black cafe chair // ‘eat’ sign // antique table

PS – if any of you have great restaurant design sources, please pass them along! we’re also looking for help from a graphic designer in creating a logo and packaging on our tiny budget, so feel free to contact me if you have recommendations or are interested in working with me on this project!