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In The Details :: Graphic Mirrors

Mirrors are one of my favorite decorative accents to play with in a space. Custom or salvage, or straight off the shelf, there are so many ways to get playful and graphic with them. Here are a few of my current faves!

coco+kelley in the details bedroom oasis

This entire space is inspiring in its set up – the way the paint and the curtains create a dramatic and entirely different space for the bed is visually captivating. But the use of mirrors is also a genius little trick to letting more light enter the nook while filling up a very high wall in a graphic way.

coco+kelley in the details mirrored hallway

Grouping mirrors down a hallways is no new idea, but this is taking it to a whole new level. The graphic black and white paint job creates an impact on its own, but the mirrors bring a playfulness with their bubbly arrangement and help the eye travel down the hallway. The circles also balance all the strong lines in the space as well.

coco+kelley in the details framed mirrors

Moving to a couple of softer options that still bring a nice graphic element to a space, here we see how some very simple, framed mirrors grouped together over a sofa can create a subtle impact. I really like this alternative to one large mirror as it feels a bit more like artwork, and can be an more inexpensive solution!

coco+kelley in the details mirrored heardboard

Then again – sometimes simple isn’t always subtle… or cheap. An antique mirrored panel like this one is a bit harder to come by and a bit more of a hefty purchase, but talk about a showstopper! It makes a really interesting replacement as a headboard and works because of its sophisticated yet graphic lines. Whereas one large piece of mirror in a bedroom can look a little gaudy, the two examples we’ve got in this post show how to do it right!

*images: double g // federica palacios // vicente wolf // lazaro rosa-violan