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Hitting The Refresh Button

Last week I promised I’d take the weekend to clear the clutter and color out of my rooms and get back to my all-white palettes as a way to determine what the next direction might be. (Now that I write that… don’t you wish you could do that with LIFE!? Yes. But I digress.)

Not surprisingly, in my living room I’ve gone back to a whole lot of white with … green. (You saw that coming, didn’t you?). Not only my favorite color, green harkens in spring for me like no other. (Do you have a color that does that for you?).  I’ve also got a little tropical travel coming up, so I have a feeling that may be influencing my sensibilities. Whatever the reason… it’s time to hit the refresh button!

coco+kelley white and green palette shoppingNaturally, when I’m sneaking green into my home, it inevitably sneaks into my wardrobe too! Because green is a cool color, I think mixing prints in this color (that goes for blues and purples too, obviously) is much easier, and I’m tempted to add a few more patterned green pieces to the pillow I already own. What do you think your spring refresh color will be?

*shop: 1. wallpaper // 2. striped tee // 3. polka dot bowl // 4. rug // 5. pillow // 6. clutch // 7. bed frame // 8. earrings