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Geo + Pink

Despite many posts that may imply otherwise, I am not a girly girl by nature. I’m a jeans and t-shirt girl. A watch-a-lot-of-espn girl. My favorite color is black. My least favorite color is purple. Pink might be a close second… but I have to admit that it has grown on me over the years. The more I see it done right – in interiors and fashion – the more I could picture myself almost, maybe incorporating it into my life. And if I do – it’s gonna look something like this…

structured pink jacket coco+kelley geometric in pink leong leong architecture pink

You’ll not find any scalloped edges or baroque details in my pink world. Nope. I’ve gotta have some contrast to my saccharine sweetness, and that means geometric lines and modern aesthetics.  How do you do your pink?

*images :: unknown // vera wang // studio snowpuppe // a merry mishap // leong leong