I know, I know, I’m late to the party, but I just wasn’t really motivated to talk red carpet fashion yesterday. Mostly because I was bored by all the nude and sparkle (save for a few who really pulled it off – ahem Isla Fisher), and quite frankly, it’s been a while since I really cared enough to post about red carpet. Usually the live tweeting is exhausting enough! But, after taking the time to peruse all the looks, I realized there was one absolutely worth mentioning in my book – black deco.

golden globes black deco dresses

Kate Hudson is always a favorite of mine, and when I saw her last night, I thought the neckline on her McQueen dress was simply stunning. It wasn’t  until browsing through the rest of the looks that I realized I was gravitating not only towards black, but dresses that were rocking some deco detailing. Who would have thought I’d be mentioning Helen Mirren here? But, her Badgley Mischka really stood out to me as perfectly edgy yet age appropriate in a style similar to Kate’s with the wait detail and embellishment around the color.

Funny enough – it wasn’t until I put this post together that I discovered that my two runner-ups for best deco style were wearing the exact same designers as the two frontrunners. Nicole Kidman was also sporting a McQueen dress that – on a less classy dame – could have seemed a little edgy for the red carpet. And, Emily Deschanel also donned a Badgley Mischka with some gorgeous little sleeve detailing (love her big rings too).

Perhaps I’ve just grown tired of poofs and sparkles and mermaid cuts and ladies trying too hard, but these looks seem just right to me. That said, I will note that when it came to color, these gals did me proud, too.

golden globes red carpet icy aqua

That icy aqua has just the right amount of ‘look at me’ without trying to hard. Simple and stunning.



  1. Melissa

    The moment I saw Kate Hudson I knew no one else was going to be able to top her look, her McQueen dress was my red-carpet favorite and will be for a long time. I somehow missed Helen Mirren and Emily Deschanel’s red-carpet walk but I love their dresses as well. You really can’t go wrong with gold on black!

  2. Dawn | enterloop

    I had the same reaction to some of the dresses (and overall looks) that felt overworked to me. I loved Kate’s look! I was also drawn to some of the shorter dresses (Kerry Washington, Marion Cotillard, Thandie Newton). Great post!

  3. Chloe Moon

    I agree with you a hundred percent about the black dresses with deco on them! I do wish Kate Hudson wore her hair up so we could see more of her beautiful collar! =)

    The powder blue was beautiful too!! =)

  4. Franki

    Wow…there certainly is a discrepancy on “the look” this time….most of what I’ve read is totaly opposite of the above. To each their own…. franki

    1. Cassandra LaValle Post author

      hahaha, franki, to me, that’s kind of the point! i still loved the color punches like jessica alba and the always beautiful marion cotilliard, but there’s something about the simplicity and ‘not trying too hard’ of these deco styles that speak volumes of sophistication to me!

  5. Mandy Knapp Riggar

    These are literally all of my favorite looks…every single one! All others couldn’t compare in my book (except Kerry Washington- loved hers too!). Kate Hudson definitely took the cake in that dress + I loved the sexy ice blue color of the others.

  6. Melissa @ Made Her Look

    Kate Hudson’s dress was my absolute favorite too!! I love the black/deco look! It looks insane on the runways, but I’m hoping to see some more wearable items hitting stores soon 🙂


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