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Crowning Glories

I mentioned on Friday that I’d be getting to see some of my favorite girls this weekend, and today I get to spend time with my favorite bride-to-be and oldest girlfriend, Sara. She’s an amazing woman, and a super talented stylist in NYC, so you can only imagine how fashionable the wedding will be. But, one piece that has evaded us so far are the hair pieces for the bridesmaids…

wedding hair accessories coco+kelley


The look for the wedding is a little bit of a deco influence in wine country. Picture beaded gowns in golds and nudes with some floaty ethereal touches. So, the accessories will – of course – need to be just as fabulous! I’ve been scouting for some unique styles and have come up with some of these gorgeous picks… but for those of you with a bit more experience in this realm, I’d love to know if you have some sources for unique toppers that might just fit the bill!

*shop: 1. 2. 6. & 9.  jennifer behr // 3. & 7. // 4. eugenia kim // 5. cecile boccara // 8. louis mariette

* image from me to you for rodarte