coco kelley

Adventure Awaits

Do you ever get the feeling that your life is moving you in a direction completely out of your control? It’s really quite wonderful, actually.

Lately, I’ve had this feeling of momentum where things are just happening.  It doesn’t mean I’m not a part of it too – we don’t just sit back and wait for fate or fortune to find us, we have to work at it to a certain extent – but once we put ourselves out there, raising our expectations or challenging our limits… life has a funny way of bringing us all kinds of opportunities.

lily cole dreams

It’s not just the anticipation of a life-changing trip on the horizon, but honestly, so many little things have been coming my way that are pushing me into new territory and daring me to say yes to things a bit outside my comfort zone. But what I’m realizing is that everything I’ve done up to this moment has prepared me for them. I feel like my experiences have empowered me to take bold steps, act without hesitation, ask the right questions, and make strong decisions.


Yes, my friends, I think there are some big wonderful things before me. What they are? I have no idea. A little scary? Yes. But shouldn’t it be? Adventures always are…

*images :: koray  birand for harpers bazaar // kendra spears vogue paris