Think about this for a second… no matter how big your city, there’s always room for more boutique stores. Why is that? I think it must be because everyone has something to offer, and small shops reflect the taste of their owners so well. Even if you took a two rooms full of similar merchandise and let two very different shop owners put it all together, you’d end up with unique experiences in each store… and that is what I love about shopping local!

Today, in continuing our Shop Small efforts, we’re featuring two stores that are both owned by interior designers – Timothy De Clue and Jason Mathews – with two very different looks!

First off – Tim’s shop Le’ Objects in Georgetown is pretty magical come Christmas time! From delicious candles burning to ornaments tastefully overtaking the store, it’s a bit of a cozy wonderland to wander through. But of all the pieces, these creative vintage letters were the things that really caught my eye!

Wandering through the antique malls and flea markets, I’m always running into old marquee or storefront letters, and I’ve never really been motivated to make that final purchase, but seeing these, I’m struck by the idea of filling them with greenery to make a living wreath… or living monogram, I suppose! How cool, right?

Did I mention tasteful decor? I love this stone swan tucked with little christmas bulbs, and a garland of pinecones…

And then there are these pretties – piles of vintage ornaments to peruse!! Total heaven. I may have to change up my tree next year just so I can go back and purchase a few. I mean, the silver greek key on red? A designer’s dream!

And while Timothy’s shop is quite Christmas focused for the holidays, Jason’s maintains its general eclectic look all year round…

The storefront – Sheridan + Co in Capitol Hill – houses a mix of  old and new, and there’s always something fun to discover in it! I’m currently coveting the antique dishware and that vintage pink vase! But don’t for minute think that this store owner is a scrooge. Quite the opposite, in fact, as he invited me to dress up his holiday windows! A task, I was delighted to do as I miss my merchandising days so much sometimes…

The vintage deer make the window. Along with the antique golden candlesticks and vintage tartan blankets…

I mean, how cute are they!? Someone needs to take those babies home.



  1. Erin @ The Impatient Gardener

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for this “Shop Small” series. Not only am I being introduced to lovely little stores I might not have discovered otherwise, you’re promoting something I feel passionate about, which is supporting small businesses.


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