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Party Diy :: A Fab Fringe Garland!

You may remember a few weeks back my little feature on Glitter Guide where we talked about how to throw a party in a small space (ie, my apartment!) and we featured a fun little metallic fringe garland setup above the bar. The fab fringe also made an appearance in yesterday’s New Year’s Eve outfitting post. So, today, we’re finally letting you in on how we put it all together…

First off, let me just say that this is the slackers version of how to put this garland together. I’m sure all the crafties on etsy are making their gorgeous creations from scratch (ie, purchasing the mylar in sheets), but frankly I just don’t have the patience! So, I started by purchasing mylar fringe curtains like these that are available at most party stores or online. The main reason for this is that the fringe is already cut for you – saving one the headache of trying to trim this slippery material into perfectly cut lines.

Step 1: Find the bottom of the curtain and fold over the fringe into the length you want, trimming the other end to match up.

Step 2: Tie off the middle fold using either a strand of mylar or fish wire (so it’s invisible). Note – if you use the mylar, you can’t pull too tight or it’ll snap. Make sure you leave a decent amount of length as this is how you’ll hang the fringe onto the garland later.

Step 3: Once your fringe is even, pull the two sections together by pinching at the top and using a strand of mylar to start wrapping around the two sections. Make sure you leave a little extra on the end, and wrap the strand nice and flat… like this!

Step 4: Once you’re finished wrapping, simply tie off the string!

Step 5: Your fringe is pretty much ready to go! Give it a final trim to even out the lengths of mylar if necessary. From the front, the little fringe pom pom should look nice and neat, and ready to string into a garland!

Another way to do this is to use double sided tape to wrap the fringe sections together, and then go back over the tape with a piece of mylar.

For my garland, I used both silver and gold, tied them up on some white pom pom string, then tacked it up on the wall, adding some paper pinwheels…

Perfect for garland over a bar, a photo booth backdrop, or just plan festive decor! Woo hoo! It’s party time!