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In This Moment…

I woke up in an introspective mood this morning,  as I’m sure did many of you. It’s always a bit of a shock to sit back and look at the entire year that’s passed us by, isn’t it? Well… not really passed us. More like spun us ’round until we’re completely dizzy and then thrown us up in the air and down the mountain. But such is life – full of highs and lows and surprises, lessons and love and tears and joy.

But, as I sit here gathering my thoughts for tomorrow’s more reflective post, today, this quote has stuck with me…

And so, before I plunge into resolutions and planning, and work and calendars and emails, and all of those lovely grown up things we all deal with, I’m pausing. Today…well, I just want to feel today – with all its possibility and disbelief – and remember how it feels like, as a child, to dare to dream without really understanding what all of it might be someday.

Tonight will be for sparkles, kisses at midnight, good food, flowing champagne, laughter and sharing an evening with fabulous friends.

May you enjoy moments of childlike bliss, hope and living in the moment. *Cheers* to you and yours!

*images: belatheé for rue magazine // roxanne lowit // how sweet it is