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Cocktails At Six :: The Merry Mocha

This morning I woke up to a dusting snow on the ground and a little more Christmas spirit in my heart. So, I’ve reserved the afternoon for gift-wrapping, holiday card writing, and this little bit of holiday cheer that has become my new favorite cozy cocktail…

I hardly ever indulge in things like mochas and hot cocoa, except during the holidays. But when I discovered the gingerbread liquor, Snap, I knew I had to find some creative ways to work it into my cocktail recipes. So far, this has been my favorite. I don’t love overly sweet drinks, and the liquor is most definitely not. Don’t go thinking this is like ordering a gingerbread mocha at Starbucks (all sugar). Instead the liquor is a mix of molasses, clove, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, brown sugar, rooibos tea (see, it’s even good for you!) and vanilla.

And the recipe couldn’t be easier! Since I have an espresso machine at home, I actually pour myself a double shot of espresso, add couple tablespoons of cocoa, a shot of Snap, and pour in the hot water! If you don’t have an espresso machine, I’d recommend french press coffee (stronger and better flavor than drip!) and  the same recipe. You can adjust your cocoa intake to your sweetness preference.

I’m also dying to try their recipe for Apple Snap which sounds like another dose of good holiday cheer.

Now if you’ll excuse me… there are some cards that need to be written, and presents waiting to be wrapped! Enjoy!