Last week in NYC all my girls kept asking me how the new office was coming along, so I figured it was time for an update post!! I’ve finally moved a few pieces in, and the place is feeling cozier already…

Yeah, furniture! It was inevitable that at some point in my life I’d own that tulip table from Ikea, and I was happy to find one on Craigslist. After working at dining tables for so long, I discovered a traditional desk was not going to work for me (I love a round tabletop!) so this piece has been perfect. So far the only new piece I’ve purchased is the jute rug from West Elm. You may recognize the storage piece and chair from my apartment – it felt so good to add more breathing room to my home while easily transferring these pieces over to the office space! The second chair is coming over soon, too, so there will be a pair and a place for meetings.

But there’s still much to be done…

I thought I’d need more storage, but (so far) this piece seems to be just enough to fit everything which means there is some space to fill! I’m considering some open shelves for books, or adding a little slipper chair. I’d also love to put up more artwork, maybe a white board, and of course the cork board needs to be finished off and hung as well.

And then there’s the desk…

Yes, I love my round top, but it’s starting to feel cluttered with all the things I’ve left out on it. I’m thinking I need a tray to contain them and maybe some more matching pieces. I like eclectic, but not in my workspace. And, as much as I like having lighting on the desk, I’m not sure it’s working? Overhead would be so much better… we’ll see what I can rig up. In the meantime…

The most important part of the office is in – the espresso machine! Saeco sent me the Syntia Focus to test out and I am loving it. You may remember that I have an espresso machine at home that I’ve been using for months now, and even though it’s great, I think this one is better. It’s sleek, more customizable, and produces some excellent lattes for my afternoon slumps! This little area needs more setting up too, but for now a few mugs are all I need.

The final piece? I’m thinking about painting! Not necessarily that big wall on the left, but the rest of the area. I’m guessing I’d go with a midtone grey or a serious pop of color… what do you think?



  1. Mina

    I’d add a rolling cart of some sort for your desk top supplies and other storage (I know IKEA has some). That way you de-clutter your desk and you can roll it around the office if you need to. : )

  2. Nicolle

    So exciting. Having an office will really make you feel like you’ve “made it” (my husband is an entrepreneur and is super excited to be moving off the couch and into an office in the new year)

    I would dress up the bulletin board. I saw this great idea in House Beautiful ( I believe) where you take a “cheap” bulletin board and white paint (or any fun colour like the green accent you’ve chosen) and paint the frame and the cork board (it will take lots of paint since the cork absorbs a lot), it will add a fun element to look at and will look at little more finished at your fancy coffee bar.

    good luck!

    and I look forward to your posts daily.

    Best, Nicolle (from Toronto)

  3. vintage market place

    oh I think I would leave it clean and white and just use great pops of color in your accessories.
    A tray would be lovely to house your items in and go with your design style.
    How about a great piece of artwork that inspires you in that empty space?
    I am sure you will get it all looking lovely as it grows.

  4. Diana

    I love how your office is so open and all white, it seems refreshing and bright. Like a great place to get work done. I’m just like you, I work better with a round table, just haven’t found the right one that fits in my room quiet well. Looking forward to seeing the final look.

  5. Maggie Rose

    I love the idea of adding a round tray to the table to keep the essentials close at hand. If you added an etagere next to the cabinet (that’s my vote! Books warm up any space!), some of the less-immediate items could also be arranged and displayed there. Looks lovely! I drove by the building this weekend and pointed it out to Ryan. So much natural light from those big windows! Love it.

  6. stephanie descoteaux

    That babillard is too small and looks economical. It doesn’t do anything for your space and is already crammed. I wish the babillard was way way bigger. Going over into the “needs something” space. Maybe right to the ground.
    You could really put up nice images and practical stuff on it. Keep it in cork or do the dry erase board paint over a metal sheet to keep it magnetic.
    Your machine is lovely. It’s posh and a practical luxury. Looks not right on that gorgeous mirrored piece. flowers, plant, a bust, framed photo, stack of oversize decorating books would look nice on it.
    The cappuccino maker and cups and accessories need a separate furniture made of stainless. It has to become the latte bar (only).
    Congrats madame, your space is lovely and the overall decor too.

    1. Cassandra LaValle Post author

      a huge cork board for inspiration would be SO fun. i’ll have to see what i can do about that! we’re actually going to set up a little coffee/bar area in a separate part of the office now! it’s going to be perfect – and will clear up the space on that little cabinet. it’s getting there! this is the fun part – moving everything around until it’s just right.

  7. Tammie Burton

    The office is coming together! I like your idea of a midtone gray paint throughout. For the wall that you said “needs something,” how about your company name, Coco Kelly, in a beautiful type face in your signature green?! I think it would be stunning. It could strengthen your brand recognition when you meet with clients, as well as, providing that pop of color you desire. Anxious to see what you come up with.

    As always, thank you for all your beautiful posts!

    Happy Holidays,


  8. Cheryl Kuczek

    Hello to the lovely Cassandra,
    First, congrats on the move up!
    Color….oh my yes please, on fab wal of it.
    Maybe another little shelfy thing for the important tools, next to the chair so it is close…like and end table?
    You have the beam right there….an opportunity for an hanging light?
    Have fun in your new space! I hope one day to have an office too!

  9. Lisa | Happy By

    Yellow, lady! You need some sunshine yellow paint up there to brighten up the space and bring everything together no matter how much eclectic you go. You can add a few horizontal white stripes, or keep it all yellow. I can see you are hesitating and feeling afraid to decorate. Now that you got the office, you’re thinking you have all the time in the world to create the perfect space, but that won’t happen in one day, you know that. Go have fun and try different pieces. Test drive furniture from shops if you are allowed, grab some vintage pieces. If you are super busy, run around IKEA for one afternoon and get as much stuff as you can, big and small. You might hate having what all others are having, but with a little DIY you can make everything special. Soooo, just go for it, test and retest, keep and remove, love and hate. That’s the only way you will have your C+K perfect space :))) Thanks for sharing and for accepting advices. Happy weekend!

  10. Deana

    I LOVE it! Congratulations on the new space. I love the idea of a little round table as a desk, It is different and makes the space allot more homey. If you don’t like the lamp on the desk/table, you could also look for a floor lamp and place it behind your chair.

    Martha Stewart has a great DYI framed bulletin board.

    Tesori Belle


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