There are certain pieces in my wardrobe that I find challenging – my leather skirt is one of them. I love it, but I basically rotate through a few different tops paired with it because I’m never quite sure what else to do. So when I saw this twist on styling, I was totally intrigued…

I’ve love a good asymmetric look in general, but this is a whole different level. That’s gotta be a dress right?? On one hand things could get a little bulky tucked in like that (you can kinda see it in this photo), but on the other hand, it’s totally unique. Layering a dress over a skirt? I think I need to try… have you??

*image yasmin sewell via elbows and knees

10 responses on “STREET SMARTS :: TUCKED

  1. Callie Grayson

    I am in the process of revamping my closet, half my close are gone to charity….. This look! Love I think I will need to incorporate a leather skirt and long dress for tucking, I think it’s brilliant

  2. natalie

    Ugh, Yasmin. I think everything she wears is amazing. How perfect is the collar on that blouse/dress? And I like the fact that it doesn’t have buttons, makes it easier to partially tuck and make blousy without the awkward button twist gap thing.

  3. Sarah

    I think it works because that dress/top looks super light and airy. I agree that the feeling of asymmetry is quite lovely. but fabric choice would be really important when choosing a dress to layer on top. I love the idea of using layering to create new uses for clothing. Today I’m wearing a summer maxi dress with a blouse, belt and tights- pouf, it’s a long skirt!


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