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Room Of The Week 11.8

This gorgeous space has been haunting me on Pinterest – every time I see it I fall in love all over again! Which is why it absolutely deserves a Room of the Week title, and a full tour!

I think by this point we can safely say that I’m a traditional glamourist at heart when it comes to interiors. I like a little symmetry, a bit of color, some bold choices, and refined style. This space has it all. And let’s be honest – that architecture isn’t hurting things either!

There are so many great choices in this space. I love this non-traditional shape for a sofa balanced by a classic choice in upholstery. Conversely, the more traditional sofa is drowning in rich raspberry! So delicious. I’m not sure, however, that every sofa needs a table behind it…

This shot really shows you how much is going on in the space… which is my only complaint. The room could do with a little simplifying. The repetition of the square shapes everywhere is at once cohesive and confusing, and every table is over styled. Imagine how it would look without all those pieces everywhere (I mean… I’m counting five floral arrangements alone!).

What do you think? Could you handle everything going on in this space? If it were me, I’d take out at least half of the decorative objects and one sofa table… and then? I’d move right in.

*design by pablo paniagua // images via preciously me