Was is just me, or was October a crazy little month? I have a feeling that things aren’t about to slow down either (I mean… the holidays are pretty much upon us, people) so today, I’m thinking we all deserve a room that – even if we can only go to in our heads – provides a heavy dose of cozy comfort along with its glamour…

I’ve been swooning over the bedroom belonging to Jackie Astier ever since this issue of Elle Decor arrived in my mailbox. The tear sheet immediately went up on my inspiration board. I love the luxurious comfort compiled with tones of plum and mauve – and that touch of yellow gold! I wish I could flip my bedroom around to create this layout – it’s always my favorite. A little bench or settee at the end of the bed creating a ‘sitting room’. So fantastic. Not to mention two of my favorite textures – fur and grasscloth – heightening my infatuation. The shape of the headboard is a bit over-the-top for me, but I suppose that’s the point, right? I’m my mind I’m already drawing the shades and cozying into that bed with movies and mags for the weekend…



11 responses on “ROOM OF THE WEEK :: 11.1

  1. Preciously Me

    Love this room ♥
    It was already in my pinterest board! It was love at first sight for me too 🙂
    Love the colors, the headboards, the brass accent of the table …
    I love it all!!!

  2. Mina

    I love that mid-century style sofa at the foot of the bed. It’s such a clever idea! We have one just like it that we need to re-upholster… badly! But, once we do, this may not be a bad idea for our bedroom! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  3. Franki

    You know, I moved our setee’ from the living room to the foot of our bed and I sit there SO MUCH MORE than I ever did before. Now I’m going to move my outdoor lutyens bench to the foot of the guest room bed. Do it! franki


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