I used to have a series here called ‘never say never’. It basically addressed the fact that despite certain things we say we would never do in our own home, there are always exceptions to the rule. I believe my first post was regarding cowhide.

So, here’s another one to add to the list. While I’m absolutely over the whole ornamental animal heads on walls, these beauties by White Faux Taxidermy are quickly changing my mind…

Silver grizzlies, golden foxes and porcelain lions? Oh my. Not to mention glitter tusks if you’re in the mood – because you can request a piece to be customized however you’d like! While I’m not quite sure my little apartment could handle a statement piece like this, I have been contemplating a mini head… but which one will it be? Decisions, decisions…


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  1. Lisa | Happy By

    This is a trend I haven’t quite understood and it still gives me the bad feeling of a creepy western bar or a ghost house when I see proud pictures of them hanging on real people’s walls. But I agree with you that these ones are beautiful. A little bit of glitter always makes the ugliness go away, right? 😛
    If I were you, I’d choose a mini elephant. Because of it’s shape, it wouldn’t look like an emblem or decorative cement even in a small size. And I believe, when the trend of horses and deers fades away like everything else does quickly, you can still enjoy your elephant (I’m considering this one pictured above), elegant and glamorous, feminine and classic.


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