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My Head In The Clouds

The mornings here in Seattle are quiet. There’s a monotone gray to everything that makes it soft and dreamy… and indescribably hard to get out of bed. It’s something I’ve come to love and hate about the city. Some days I’m grateful for it. Other days, I long for the sun to shine through my windows, yelling at me to get up and seize the day! But there’s something about the light on these grey fall days that’s so cozy and romantic… it’s hard to fight.

It feels something like this. And to have the sky framed by such insanely gorgeous drapes? Well, that would just be the topper. I’d move from the bed to those chairs and never leave the room! They remind me of clouds – at once heavy and light – making them in perfect harmony with the weather…

Can you imagine sleeping with them surrounding you? What a heavenly place to dream in! Even in a more saturated color, they feel light and lovely.

Now if you don’t mind, I’ll just shut myself in here and go right back to bed, please…

*interior design by jeffrey bilhuber