LIKE IT’S 1999

We all know that  – for the most part – fashion design and trends seem to repeat themselves. But when I stumbled upon this editorial from September 1999… I found it pretty amusing at how many of these styles have re-emerged lately… for better or for worse!

Yes, the styling has evolved (thank goodness!) but the trends are definitely there. What’s your favorite comeback, and what’s the one you could do without? I’m trying to think of the trends I was wearing in 1999 myself… and I’m guessing since it was college, there were way more jeans and t-shirts than sparkles and velvet! What about you?

*images by steven meisel for vogue via here

14 responses on “LIKE IT’S 1999

  1. Laurie Bearce

    Does anyone remember the jeans that were too big around your waist so you’d cinch them up with a belt and they pooched out the back? Maybe this was just a Scottsdale thing but man – I’m glad that’s over!

  2. wmbg

    i actually like the styling! crazy how these shots are from 13 years ago.

    confession: velvet is a year round obsession of mine. but a new love is the resurgence of oxblood. definitely feeling that.

  3. Ana

    Funny thing isthat lately i have been watching some Seinfeld box sets and just thinking “damn,Elaine is quite in trend for nowadays”
    But just like you,i was in college,so I lived in jeans and tshirts and a lot less sparkle…but i did use turtle necks and some velvet when the weather allowed me to (i mean allowed me, because at that time i lived in Rio 😉 )



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