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In The Details :: Where To Put That Bar…

When I entertain guests in my teensy apartment, space is at a premium. So, I thought it would be fun to start brainstorming some creative ways to move things around for holiday parties this year, and these bars really got me thinkin’…

In small areas, its important to recognize an under utilized space in the house. Obviously this home has a large entryway, but even in a narrow hallway you could set out a small drink bar. Probably best suited for something straightforward like champagne cocktails, I think it’s a charming way to greet guests! Take their coat and hand them a flute! You’ll prevent congestion at the secondary bar area (if you have one). 

For those of you with open kitchens, obviously the counter is a useful place for setting up nibbles, but I like the idea of actually creating a space that feels like a separate bar area simply by adding a mirror and a few trays! It also makes it convenient for putting out glasses to have guests help themselves to mixing their own favorite drinks. Sometimes the obvious choice is the best choice – just don’t make it boring! (You can even add some holiday swag to that mirror!)

And finally – my favorite idea – create a bar in a space that you won’t need for the evening. Like a closet. Yes, a closet. Granted, you won’t have this little wet bar setup, but this idea seems quite genius when you think about it. My linen closet would make for a perfect bar, and everything in it could easily be dumped into the bedroom for the evening.

In fact, I think I may have to try this one… which option would you choose? Or have you gotten creative with your entertaining set ups in the past? I’d love to hear!

*images: lonny // apartment therapy // house beautiful