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How Do You Pile Your Pillows?

As a stylist, there are plenty of areas of a home that I love tackling. Bookshelves, coffee tables, entryways… but one area always challenges me – the bedroom! Well, the bed, to be exact. I’m always looking for new ways to style my bed because it can totally change the feel of the room – especially as we head into these chilly months where making things cozy is so important! So, I’ve been scouring my files of images for a few new and super easy design ideas for bedrooms that could easily be recreated, and I’ve decided it all comes down to this:

It’s all about the pillows, people. The colors you pick… how you stack ’em… it totally changes everything! Do you have a specific style you stick to for yours? You can see four of my favorite design ideas for bedrooms over on my guest post today at MYHABIT’s blog, theFIX!

*bedroom by wendy schwartz featured in lonny