As a stylist, there are plenty of areas of a home that I love tackling. Bookshelves, coffee tables, entryways… but one area always challenges me – the bedroom! Well, the bed, to be exact. I’m always looking for new ways to style my bed because it can totally change the feel of the room – especially as we head into these chilly months where making things cozy is so important! So, I’ve been scouring my files of images for a few new and super easy design ideas for bedrooms that could easily be recreated, and I’ve decided it all comes down to this:

It’s all about the pillows, people. The colors you pick… how you stack ’em… it totally changes everything! Do you have a specific style you stick to for yours? You can see four of my favorite design ideas for bedrooms over on my guest post today at MYHABIT’s blog, theFIX!

*bedroom by wendy schwartz featured in lonny


11 responses on “HOW DO YOU PILE YOUR PILLOWS?

  1. Lisa @ Modern Vintage Love

    Mine are similar to the picture you posted… 2 Euros, 2 “Shammed” pillows that match the duvet, 4 “sheeted” pillows (for actual sleeping), and 6 decorative pillows… and those decorative pillows go on in the same formation every day. My husband used to want to go “Along Came Polly” on them, but eventually he gave in. It just gives so much structure to the room!

  2. Lauren

    I HAVE to have my bed made every day before I leave for work and HAVE to have the pillows arranged neatly. I like a mix of prints and colors for my pillows. Right now I have a yellow and white chevron print, a plan yellow, plain navy, and a navy with print pillow (from both west elm and etsy). Tt is so addicting to buy them!

  3. Franki

    I have a “pillow fetish”…(need a 12 step program!!) I LOVE pillows and change them out ALL the time. It is the easiest, most focal pop for the money, and…just makes me feel good. I change them from the bed to the chairs – inside and outside…it’s what I do…franki

  4. Lindsey Suggs

    I love that you mentioned the tres euros. I’m all about that right now. PATIENTLY waiting on fabric samples from Leontine Linens so I can get this bedding party started! AND the image you used with the KW Edo linen pillows is also where I’m headed with this new bedding. Glad to see I’m on your same impeccably chic page!!!

  5. A

    Hey, does anyone know what the 2 printed pillows o the second row are? I’ve seen the same print on wallpaper but can’t remember where.


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