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High Point :: C.r. Laine + Bernhardt

Yes, it was weeks ago, but High Point is still on my mind these days as I start to think about trends for the upcoming new year. In the past, I’ve led you through the showroom tours with me pointing out every little piece to love, but this year, I’m going to use my editor eye to bring you only the best of the best – starting with two of my favorites!

The innovative showrooms belonging to C.R. Laine and Bernhardt both received plenty of recognition from bloggers and our panel of Style Spotters this year. Let’s start with the coco+kelley moment that VP of Merchandising Holly McLay Blalock created for C.R. Laine’s opening room, shall we?

When I first created coco+kelley, my blog colors were all brown (cocoa) and green (kelly). So I tend to notice the combination. But when Holly told me that this room was indeed inspired by the blog? Well, I just about fell over. The theme for the rest of the showroom was ’50 Shades of Green’, so needless to say it was one of my faves!

This rich, classic den was gorgeous with the built in bookshelves (that used to be old fabric racks!) backed in that same blue chevron that you see in the curtains. The fact that they repurposed those shelves and turned them into something so beautiful totally blew my mind!

You may remember this chair from my Style Spotting, but I wanted to make sure ya’ll knew where to get it – C. R. Laine obtained the rights to use this classic fabric in their showroom, which was no small feat! Now that I know I can get it, I’m dreaming of pillows and ottomans and chairs galore in big green banana leaf.

And finally, this beauty deserved a little attention. Not just because of the insanely fun mix of fabrics (and vintage green tables you can see to the right!) but because this, my friends, may be the cutest sleeper sofa I’ve ever seen. I feel like they’re usually so bulky and unstylish, but this piece throws all that right out the window!

Now let’s continue on to Bernhardt!

Another one of my Style Spotter picks, this gorgeous brass table with its black top just took my breath away when I saw it. Glamorous in ever possible way, I had seen a similar table in a vintage store just weeks prior and this updated version is even better!

While I was in High Point, I was paying extra attention to desks since I’m shopping for my office, and while this one would be entirely too large, I loved how chic it was. I love the way pieces like this just float in a space!

You know I like to mix my glamour with a little bit of comfort, and this bedroom was a heavenly version of what I’d love for my own to be someday. The woven bedside table was was hands-down one of my favorite pieces at market…

I’m such a huge fan of using a table like this as a side table in my bedroom! I have one that’s a similar size now, and it’s so nice to have plenty of room next to you to pile books and baubles.

The crowning glory at the Bernhardt showroom  might be this entire table collection, though. Coffee table, side table and console – I loved them all and would gladly place them all in my home right this second. Everyone knows I’m a sucker for brass accents like these, but I just can’t get over the gorgeousness!

Much more to share with you tomorrow, lovelies!