Happy Weekend…

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who found it hard to focus this week with the election on tuesday, but I feel like I’ve finally been able to shift back to a bit of normality now that the madness has subsided. Of course, ‘normality’ in November is still a bit crazy, no? The holidays are creeping up on us and I have some major photo shoots to plan. The calendar is already getting filled with party invites, and I’ve started contemplating possiblites for New Years Eve. It seems as though we can never quite live in the moment these days, can we?

While I’m definitely that girl who has already begin listening to Christmas music (I know, I know), there’s a part of me who wants to pull back a bit and really enjoy this last bit of fall before diving into winter. I think I’ll take some time this weekend to get out of my house and enjoy the crisp sunny fall we’re having!

And I will definitely be spending a day inside finishing up some cozying so that I can shoot a few fun projects in the house next week. As much as I love having an office out of the house now, it sure is nice to be able to work from home a bit too on the weekend!

Wishing you all a chance to slow down and push the reset button this week before we all get into the holiday season.

*images: harry crowder for harper’s bazaar // unknown