Last week while going through piles in my apartment – figuring out what needed to be moved over to the office and what needed to stay – I discovered a notebook in which I had written my 2012 resolutions. As much as my business and personal life bleed into each other, it shouldn’t have surprised me to find that so did my goals, apparently. Heading to the gym more, working on developing a product line, hiring an assistant. What did surprise me was that most of these somewhat lofty aspirations have actually been put into practice this year – or at least are close to coming to fruition. It’s crazy to think about how quickly the past eleven months have gone by. When every day feels like there aren’t enough hours, though, I suppose it shouldn’t be a shock that this year and all the opportunities it held are coming to an end…

And here it is. December.

Spending the week in NYC with good friends and holiday windows has certainly put me in the spirit, but sitting here on the plane ride home, It’s put me in a reflective mood as well. I always thought people were crazy when they said, “Just wait – the older you get the fasted the years go.” How is that even possible? And yet… it’s so true. Time is precious. Time with friends, time better used, time better spent. The last month has been a bit up and down for me when it’s come to time management. October was so filled with travel and work that I felt like in November I went the opposite way – staying home and prioritizing my personal time over work time… and boy did it catch up to me this week.

Suddenly, it’s time for holidays and parties and fun and frolic, and I’m worried about the 500 emails sitting in my inbox and the whopping to-do list for the next few weeks staring me in the face. Whoops. So, I guess it’s time to take the lessons learned from 2012 and start putting together some resolutions for 2013. Number one? Be more disciplined with time. This doesn’t mean I need to work harder, but I definitely need to work smarter. Sticking to deadlines and schedules, planning better for travel, and working ahead when I can. Because now that I’ve finally become better at finding that balance of work and play, I certainly don’t intend on giving it up! But, I also can’t skew so hard one way or the other that responsibilities and commitments get dropped.

And this month will be the perfect time to start putting some of those ideas into practice! With the abundance of photo shoots and holiday parties on the schedule, let’s hope I find  a way to do it all… with a smile on my face. The good thing is that I’m absolutely excited for every bit of it – the work and the play. So let’s make the last month of 2012 one to remember, shall we!? Happy weekend all!

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13 responses on “DEAR DECEMBER…

  1. Mari-Vickyy

    Hi! I’ve been a silent reader of your blog for a while, but i must say i love it!! loved this post: made me think about how we spend our time, and it seems to fly by. definitely thinking about 2013 now, crossing off 2012 resolutions, and starting to make a new list!

  2. Karena

    Cassandra, this has helped me so much…it is all about that balance and then taking time to take care of us as well!

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  3. Maria @ Inspiration Affirmation

    It’s definitely hard to find a balance when we are lucky enough to follow a career path of something we love, something that could be considered a hobby it’s so much fun. Finding boundaries when it comes to knowing when to unplug and when to put down the client work because it is just so much fun is something that I am still learning, too. I’m glad you have found a balance because I know that a couple of months ago you wrote about how you were struggling with that, and I can absolutely relate. When what you love and what you do overlap each other, we are so blessed but at the same time, too much overlap turns into feeling overwhelmed. Thanks so much for this honesty. I hope you have a wonderful weekend — good luck with that inbox!

  4. Hadleycourt

    It is so very true that the older you get the faster time goes! Thanks for prompting me to give pause to the really important things in lige!

  5. Emily

    “With a smile on my face”. That was my favorite part of this posts. Deadlines, photoshoots and parties don’t matter if you aren’t enjoying yourself.

    Thank you for this post. We should all take a moment to reflect on where we are and what we can do to improve in 2013.

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  7. Lisa | Happy By

    I love your reflective mood posts Cassandra 🙂 You have a very delicate, true yet optimist way to connect with your readers and not everyone has (or cares about) that.
    Happy December and decorate with smiles <3

  8. Michaela

    What a great post! It’s so important to reflect on the past year (that, you’re right, feels like it flew right by!) I hope you have a wonderful December, celebrating Christmas and all the little joys that come with it 🙂 xoxo

  9. Mina

    I love that you read back your resolutions. I do the same and I’m especially pleased when I find that tattered piece of paper with resolutions on it from like 5 years ago and they’ve all come true. Pretty cool. : ) You’re not kidding about time flying by faster as we get older. Try adding a child to that mix and it zooooooms by!!! My daughter will be one on Sunday!! Nuts!


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