Cozy Coping…

Whenever I’m feeling buried and chaotic about work, I seem to have several coping mechanisms – the best one being cleaning. Yep, cleaning. If my apartment is a mess, so is my brain. So after a very long week, I’m taking some time for my personal life today and clearing out the house in preparation for the Christmas decor explosion that’s about to happen!  I’ll be working on a photo shoot Monday which is my excuse for  bringing my tree out early. (See how that happens – what’s supposed to be relaxing and all about me, is still really all about work!) 

Ok, so back to that breathing part… I will take time to enjoy the clean apartment and cozy in at least one night with some hot cocoa and a holiday movie to get in the spirit while I plan for my Thanksgiving tabletop and start making Christmas lists. Because those are the parts of this season that I really love!

How do you cope with all the madness of the holiday season? Do you take time to treat yourself while dashing between parties and shopping? Or do you enjoy getting caught up in the spirit of the season? I feel like it’s all about finding that ever-elusive balance we’re always talking about. I’m hoping that this year I get to really soak in the warm fuzzy parts of it and stay away from the last-minute crazy!

*images: johanna brant via here // veranda