So, yesterday being Monday and all, I was buried in emails and crossing things off the to-do list and getting my head on straight for the week ahead and kinda sorta forgot to mention that… it’s my birthday week!! Which means I’m going to do some self-indulgent posts around here for the remaining days, so get ready for a little over-the-top style because you know I’m the queen of pushing those limits just a liiiiiitttle bit…

And, so is Miles Redd, apparently! Let’s talk about these curtains. I mean, the whole room is amazing, but the curtains. My lord. 

They’re one-part circus tent and one part Dorothy Draper fabulous. (Yes, I realize they’re probably called ‘pagoda’ style or something proper, but I have no idea what that term is – feel free to educate me.)

I also love the palette of the rest of the room: icy blue, pops of red, zebra, and green!? Hello. Someone gimme a room in the White House to decorate just like this, please. (Which brings up an interesting questions actually… if you were First Lady, who would you be hiring to decorate the White House?) 

First birthday wish is first though – a space large enough to float a table in and still have room for not one but two seating vignettes. I’m pretty sure this room is the size of my entire apartment!

*rooms by miles redd as photographed by fritz von der schulenburg for veranda



  1. Rebecca

    Those curtains are crazy good, just like everything else he does! That little pink lamp shade is adorable too. I if was First Lady I’d hire Mary McDonald and let her do her thing!!


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