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Style In Seattle :: Codor Design

Lately, I’ve been feeling pretty excited about the up and coming design scene in Seattle. What design scene, you might ask? Well… you may have to look a bit for it, but it’s absolutely there. And there’s no better proof of that than Codor Design

Ahoy there, gorgeous.

The latest addition to an already established (and stunning) furniture collection, these found object mirrors stole the show the other night when Codor Design officially opened its showroom doors.

I only recently met designer Tamara Codor and her partner Sterling Voss, and I’m so very glad I did. The party was perfectly intimate and lovely! And while I loved all the white plaster pieces, the gold definitely caught my eye as well… enchanting right?

And now for some post-party, much more official looks at the collection…

Beautiful, no? And what’s even more exciting is that the space is available for event rentals too. I’m already picturing my first soiree!

*images by coco+kelley and codor design