Good morning friends!! I can’t believe I’m back from vacation already. It’s amazing how quickly a week goes by when you lose all concept of time. (Easily achieved, by the way, when you’re not checking your phone every 10 seconds for new emails.) I’ve never so completely checked out of blogland before, and it was pretty amazing. But not as amazing as these views…

That’s just a peek at a few moments captured on my iphone. Because when you’re this relaxed, you don’t even care about using a professional camera, apparently. I also managed to totally miss capturing some delicious meals (we caught fish and scavenged for oysters almost every day!), but I may have some more to share with you by the end of the week when we all consolidate our pics. All in all it was a wonderful time away – and as you can see we lucked out with gorgeous weather and smooth sailing almost every day. More to come, but for now I hope these images can ease you into the work week! I know I certainly won’t be in a rush to get back into the office today…



  1. Julie

    beautiful photos. I love being on the water, or even just sitting on the shore. there’s something about water that is beyond relaxing and rejuvenating. thrilled to hear that you had such a lovely time.

  2. Erin | Holtwood Hipster

    Looks absolutely dreamy! I don’t think we realize the effect that being plugged in all the time has on us. I certainly know how hard it is trying to turn it all off. Good on you for committing fully to this experience so you could take it all in.


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