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Art + Color :: A Love Story

Art is one of the most personal things out there. Who knows what it is in an image – whether a photograph, painting, graphic design or otherwise – that moves us. But we know it when we feel it – right? Kind of like love. We usually have a ‘type’ we’re drawn to, but every once in a while something comes along that breaks the mold and your world is turned a little upside down. And sometimes the two are very intertwined…

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Years ago I dated a nice Texas boy. Houston to be exact. I lived there for about two seconds and in that time I remember visiting the Rothko Chapel. I had always liked Rothko for his use of color (or sometimes, absence of) and abstract yet linear style. It kinda feels like the inside of my head – I like to see the world so simplified into blocks of color . But I digress. So, while I lived in Houston, we visited the Rothko Chapel, which was an appropriate name for the building because seeing his pieces in there is a religious experience to be sure, and I completely fell in love.

Ever since then, I’ve been drawn to Rothko’s works and others like it. Josef Albers is one artist that comes to mind…

I never would have thought myself attracted to such ‘simple’ art, but I realize it appeals to my type-a personality and love for color. And this style absolutely influenced the paintings I created for my own home that hang above my sofa because it’s one I can wrap my head around and express in my own way.

Trust me… I’m no artist. But the influence that Rothko, Albers and others have made – not only in my taste in art, but my understanding of color and the impact it has – makes such a difference in the way I perceive design. What about you? Do you have an artist who has influenced your style or aesthetic in other ways?

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