The Making Of A Menu

I spent the majority of my day yesterday focusing on crossing things off my ‘to do’ list for the upcoming coco+kelley 5th Anniversary Dinner Party (so important that it deserves all capital letters). The biggest one? Finding a chef to cook my lovely guests an amazing meal.

I’ve narrowed things down to a few contenders and will be making the big decisions by Friday, but it got me thinking about the menu itself, which led me to discover this fun little feature on Real Living

I knew immediately it had to be photographed by Jonny Valiant – one of my all-time faves. His style is so recognizable… and amazing. But what really drew me in was all the fun little pieces used in propping and styling these menu stories!

I always admire when people can take something traditional and give it a nice twist. For example – using a checkered tablecloth that’s not your typical red and white for the Italian themed dinner, adding (what looks like) a touch of Fornasetti, and balancing gold accents with very casual servers.

Trust me when I say this is all waaaaaay harder than it looks. Every piece has to be in the exact right spot, balancing all the crazy pattern with bits of solid color while still highlighting the food. I envy whatever prop closet this all came out of!

Oh, and the recipes for each of these themed dinners are really fun too! We’ve got southern cookin’, Italian style, and Mexican night. Don’t you love when someone coordinates an entire menu for you? I can’t wait to see what my own chef will come up with for our dinner party! I may have to pull some pieces out of my own cupboards to style the tables up with, too!