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Room Of The Week :: 7.26

Today’s Room of the Week couldn’t have been better timed. Tonight we’ll be celebrating coco+kelley’s 5-year anniversary with an intimate dinner party that just so happens to be inspired by these colors… (which also just so happen to be my favorite…)

I may have literally gasped yesterday when the lovely Tracy Hiner shared some photos of her most recent project with designer Robert Passal for the Hamptons Show House. She created the custom wallpaper used in this stunning room, and I think it’s safe to say that it makes the space, don’t you? Along with that gorgeous floating green bed, of course!

There’s a doorway directly behind the bed, so the only way to position it to face the view was to float it – a move that most designers wouldn’t make, but I love it here! The bed feels substantial enough that it really works.

The angles used in this room are so interesting to me. Robert creates this little seating area by by using another rug, a screen and even the artwork to visually create this whole other space. (What you don’t see is to the left of the daybed is a cozy fireplace!) I love the playful pops of color and that modern stool mixed right in with these traditional pieces.

I mean… this bed! I’m dying here. Could someone just package this up and ship the whole thing to me? Better yet, I’ll just move to the Hamptons. Mkay? I’m also pretty smitten with the side table. I like that the linens on the bed are fresh and not too fussy to balance the richness of the upholstery. The small dresser is also a nice addition – it doesn’t compete with the wallpaper, but lends plenty of beautiful detail at the same time.

All that said, there are a few small details that feel a bit off to me. I think the small rug is a bit boring and I don’t really love how it’s layering – maybe something with a little bit of a border would have been nice? And that little dark side table seems like it’s taking up some unnecessary space.

I wish we had a better shot of the desk by the window too – I can’t really get a sense for what’s going on there. While I appreciate that visually it’s very simple, so doesn’t detract from the view or compete with some of the larger elements in the room, the lines seem a bit modern and masculine compared to everything else.

But that’s about it for the critiques! Otherwise, I’m throwing myself onto that bed and never coming home! You?