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Keep It Simple :: James Devlin

Remember when Etsy was so easy to navigate and finding a cool vendor didn’t seem like it happened once every six months? Yeah. Those were the days. But when you DO find one, you pretty much throw a parade, right? That’s how I felt about stumbling upon James Devlin‘s simple but perfect steel furniture…

I cannot reiterate enough how hard it is to find a quality, simple coffee table at a reasonable price these days. Seriously. My little brass trunk is amazing, but it’s pretty small, and whenever I move into a new space, I’m sure it will find a home in the bedroom. And I will be ordering one of these. The answer to the ‘oh, just get an acrylic table’ dilemma – a table whose minimal lines just let a room be,  but is classic instead of cliché. Oh, and? It’s listed at $295. (Hello! You can afford this!)  I also love the ‘Americano Stool’, and the accent tables for the same reasons. Honestly, I could order one of each of these for my house this moment and never look back.