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Stop Dreaming. Start Doing.

There are a few things I can’t take my mind of lately, and one of them is office space. I’ve realized that as much as I love my home – and the comfort of working from home – things are getting a little claustrophobic around here. Recently, the apartment across the hall from me became available, and for about two seconds I seriously considered the idea of renting it as my office! (I mean… it would have been convenient!)

But the truth is, I’d love a communal space to share with some of my fellow Seattle creatives. It’s an idea I’ve put out there plenty of times, but one that’s looking a lot more realistic (and necessary!) to me these days…

First off, I need a space thats filled with light and has bright white walls, perfect for photo shoots, so I can stop worrying about staging things in my apartment or other places. It would be so nice to be able to shoot in the place we work in! Communal tables for projects and plenty of storage for fabrics and props would be essential.

If were really lucky, we’ll section off an area that’s always meant to be messy. DIY and painting time for me, and any others who feel the need to express their inner artist or get their hands dirty. I think it would be so fun to have all types of creatives together – imagine the collaborations that could take place!

And since we’re dreaming, I’ll add a big outdoor area to it too. I mean, a girl’s gotta let the sunshine in, right?

Since I’d really like to take on an assistant this fall, having a space for us to both work out of is seeming like a pretty essential piece of the puzzle right about now. It’s’ a bit scary (to say the least) to think about the overhead of an office along with an employee. I’ve been considering all my options, and and this seems like the best – IF I can find some fun guys and gals to go in on it with me! Otherwise… I may have to consider moving out of my sweet little apartment and into a space that allows for a true office area.

So, my friends, I’m officially putting the call out. If you or anyone you know in the Seattle area is considering office space, send a little shout my way! I’d love to see what we can put together! Time to stop dreaming and start doing!

*images via atlanta homes, nathan schroeder, amy neunsinger