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Don’t Forget To Blot!

In the design world, trends generally show up in fashion before they’re interpreted for the home. But sometimes the two influence each other in a face off. Ikat returned to the home before the runway… but the runway soon took that traditional print and gave it an edge – and it evolved into the current trend of these mirrored patterns we see on the runway today. So what did home do? Simplified it down to what the mirrored patterns really are – inkblots – and made it its own again.

And while the home world certainly does love to be based in classicism, many of these interpretations are anything but. My favorite being this wallpaper from Eskayel (featured above and below). But we’ve even seen the traditional inkblot return in art, with a colorful twist!

I love these prints by artist Lona de Anna (Do you see the subtle imagery used? It’s her native Australia!) This wallpaper is Eskayel again, in a different colorway. You may also remember the new line from Black Crow Studios that I blogged about last month – another great source for an inkblot inspired wallpaper.

We’re even seeing some fun products reemerge with this pattern…
Perhaps a little psycho-analysis with your dinner party will be in order? (Let’s face it – we ladies are doing this half the time anyway).

*images : original source uknown, atlanta homes & lifestyles, taylor tomassi in vogue.

*products: inkblot art in black + pink, inkblot handbook, inkblot china, inkblot coasters