While I’m certainly not ready for the responsibilities of a yard yet, and will fully admit to killing my houseplants upon occasion (my constant travel is hard on them!), I still have serious cravings for a little greenhouse of my own someday. I’m fairly obsessed with the notion, actually, which is why I’m kind of in love with this mini version… 

Way better than a cloche or terrarium for inside the apartment, this little guy is just the right size for real plants and a city patio. I’m pretty much in love. It seems like a cool way to convert a vintage cabinet, right? 
How do you garden in the city? Are you lucky enough to have a little patio space to fill with greens? 
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15 responses on “CITY GARDENING

  1. monsterscircus

    That’s a really brilliant idea, and great for people without garden! Thanks for the inspiration, have a wonderful Day.

  2. Elba Valverde

    In big cities the balcony and stairs are your best friends. Your mini garden is soo pretty too and a great idea, thanks for sharing.

  3. Melissa Cahoon

    I keep telling myself that I’m going to grow herbs in my living room on the huge windowsill and I just need to DO it. Although I’ve heard succulents are pretty hard to kill, maybe I should start there… Ha! Love this patio and greenhouse!

  4. How2home

    This is such a lovely idea! Who says you can’t garden when you live in a condo/apartment right!! Did you plant any herbs in the cabinet? Have you seen tried the vertical garden ( this would look amazing too!

  5. katieokeefeblog

    When we lived in an apartment, I packed our little balcony with a ton of herbs. The door was right by our kitchen so the breeze would always bring the gorgeous scents inside. I love this terrarium though – would look darling on any patio!

  6. Anathalia

    Oh, how pretty! I started my first herb garden about a month ago and so far so good. Hope it lasts, I’m very bad with plants…

  7. Allison {Halcyon Style}

    I wish I had even the teeniest of balconies for city gardening! That greenhouse is adorable. I can’t keep house plants alive to save my life but I’m confident that I could tackle the outdoor variety.

  8. Amberly

    That little greenhouse is SO adorable! I’ve never seen one like that! I just put together and “herb wall” in my kitchen, and I’m hoping the plants do well!


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