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What’s Your Method?

Remember last month when I blogged about Method and how cool they are? Well, get ready for your second month of lessons from the People Against Dirty. To the tune of an all-purpose cleaner that has scents to match your every mood… and ingredients you can pronounce. No really, there’s a tune…

It’s catchy right? I get it stuck in my head every time I use my Method products. No joke… (“give a little squirt, give a little squirt…”). And you’ve got to love our official spokesinger, Noah. Admit it. He’s growing on you already.

But back to this spray. The all-purpose cleaner is just that – for anything and everything. You can use it on nearly any surface as it’s safe for tile, marble, metal… and you. The decision isn’t really which cleaning product you should be using, it’s which scent of Method you’ll be purchasing next! So let’s do a little quiz shall we? (It’s like Cosmo, but better!) 
Does scrubbing your counters give you a happy zen feeling? Ginger Yuzu will bring you a little om.
A classic cleaner at heart? Nothing says provence like a little French Lavender. grapefruit
Want your clean to pack some punch? Boom – Pink Grapefruit is for you.
Looking for that oh-so-fresh feeling? Clementine can help you with that (and happens to be my personal fave). 
And finally – a scent that makes you feel like you’re lounging at the spa – or just eating really healthy – the one and only Cucumber. The best part? They all smell like spring to me!

So… tell me. What’s your Method? Do you have a favorite scent? Or maybe a scent request?

*room images via rue magazine, amanda nisbet, emmaline, unknown, and turquoise. photoshopping method products for a where’s waldo effect? all me. 

*if you’ve never tried method, there’s no time like the present. become a fan of method on facebook and get a $1 off coupon. for you canadians, you can use the code “CLEANME” online at