Wanderlust With :: Design Crush

Ahh, the weekend getaway. Not too long. Not too short. Just enough to (hopefully) give you a dose of rest, relaxation, and inspiration and get you back on your way. But packing for a weekend away? Now that can stress a girl out fast. Here are a few go-tos that are sure to make filling your bag a cinch, so that you can focus on the actual “getaway” part!

Let’s start off with the bag itself. Globe-Trotter’s Safari collection is a bit out of my league, but this 26″ suitcase shows off the classic look that I like when traveling. Leaving town for a few days doesn’t mean you have to toss everything into your gym bag. Find a bag or small suitcase that fits your style!

So the thing about taking a break is that it seems like it’s just then that inspiration strikes. That proposal you’ve been stressing over, the perfect living room arrangement, you know what I’m getting at. I like to pack a little notebook like this one from Postalco, it keeps things in one place so that I’m not kicking myself over that lost idea later.

Sunnies, naturally. If you’re heading to the beach or lake they’re a no brainer, but don’t forget just how well a pair of shades work for hangovers or lack of actual sleep. My recent favorites are the Leonard in blonde from Illesteva, the perfect mix of style and shady seclusion.

Don’t forget the music! Or your earbuds for traveling to and from your destination in solitary bliss. This East Indian Rosewood earphone organizer from Acoustic Design is perfect for stashing them away untangled while you’re off galavanting.

Don’t you love travel-sized toiletries?! Keep everything in check and contained in a sweet little bag. No one wants the few outfits they’ve packed to wind up covered in shampoo slime before the vacation even gets started. Check out this sassy chevron dopp kit from Hammocks & High Tea for a dose of color and style.

You’ve only got limited real estate in your bag, so it’s time to get versatile. Every trip deserves a flirty dress, even better if it can take you from day to night in a pinch. The zebra print on this Matilda dress from Alice and Olivia is perfect, and the elastic waist might come in handy after dinner. And dessert.

A large printed scarf is perfect for keeping warm on chilly nights, wearing as a coverup, or even bunching up as a pillow mid-travel. Super versatile and great for adding a little pop to your outfit, too. I’ve got my eye on the handwoven, oversized Losha from lemlem.

Back to the idea of using everything to the max that you pack – shoes! It can be difficult not to pack six pairs for two days, oh how I know. Try to stick to the idea of one casual pair and one dressy. If they’re one in the same, like these espadrille wedges from MaraisUSA, all the better!

Again with the versatility: check out this gorgeous convertible bag from DNTX. Carry it as a bag or a clutch, it’s easy as removing the strap! And that leather and brass detailing on the flap takes things up more than a notch on the sexy scale for a night out.

Last but not least, don’t forget to pack a tote of some sort to take newly acquired treasures/thank-you-for-watching-my-dog gifts home. I love this cheeky one from Cheese Survival Kit.

And now? Time to plan that next getaway!