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How To Style :: Feminine Details

Sooooo… we’re shooting my apartment on Thursday for Rue. I’m so so so excited, but extremely crazed at the moment. The stylist in me is worrying about every little detail and how it’s going to come together while the designer in me is still futzing with what stays, what goes, paring down, painting walls, hanging art…
The florist in me can’t wait to drop some serious coin at the flower market on Wednesday (yay!) and the neurotic in me is having dreams about changing around the layout of the whole space. (Last night I dreamt I had moved my office into my breakfast nook. No joke.)
H&G vanity
But above all of these worries and last-minute details rises the fact that I have a beautifully decorated home. Something that’s all mine, that I created from scratch, that is totally me through and through. Made for nobody else but me. And that, my friends, is an amazing, blessed thing.
So while I may lose my mind in the next few days leading up to the shoot, I also know that I am one very lucky lucky girl to be surrounded by so many beautiful things. Never take that for granted – our homes are where we nurture our souls, our well being, our relationships. They are an extension of everything we are, and should reflect that in every detail. I only hope that when I share my home with you all (in just a few weeks!) you look at it and see me!

Have a wonderful weekend all!
xo cassandra
*images house and garden via a lovely being (1&2), and matchbook tumblr