All the homes in our January issue of Rue (out today!) are beautiful on so many levels, but the whitewashed Chicago home of Danielle Moss has such an aesthetic appeal to me. Such a fresh and bright feeling throughout the entire space!!
Rue-Stoffer Photography _Danielle Moss
Rue-Stoffer Photography _Danielle Moss14
And tons of beautifully styled moments.
Rue-Stoffer Photography _Danielle Moss45
So many, in fact, we couldn’t fit them all in the issue! Thank goodness for outtake posts, right?
Rue-Stoffer Photography _Danielle Moss20
Rue-Stoffer Photography _Danielle Moss60
Because nobody should miss out on that adorable pup, or that beautiful bar cart turned nightstand. If you haven’t perused the new issue yet, please do. It’s a very fresh issue if I do say so myself! And, as always, we love to hear what you think.
*photography by Stoffer Photography forRue Magazine

27 responses on “RUE OUTTAKES: FRESH + BRIGHT!

  1. Rachel Hazelton Interior Design

    I love that bar cart as a bedside table..great idea. That soft pink coral is gorgeous! I think I saw a peek of a Kelly Wearstler fabric on the it.

  2. Danielle / Breakfast at Toast The Everygirl

    Jen – I have a list of all the sources on my blog today tomorrow. Thank you all for the lovely comments. I am so flattered!


    I just shared my love of bar carts on my blog last week, so I’m crushing on that bar cart turned night stand. Very adorable space. I look forward to seeing more in the next issue of RUE.

  4. Crystal @ Plush Palate

    One of my favorite spaces for sure! Danielle’s place is cozy and light, pretty and approachable – what’s not to love?! Thanks for sharing the outtakes!

  5. McKenzie Powell

    I don’t even want to peek until I can slowly take in the whole beautiful issue! 🙂 But okay, who doesn’t look a peek?

    Danielle- your home is beautiful!

  6. One Stylish Day at a Time

    I have always loved Danielle’s blog so it came at no surprise that I loved her apartment too. How cute are those pops of pink?!

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